WorXsiteHR Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Client-Owned WorXsiteHR Offers Totally Free ACA Compliance, Benefits, and Payroll Solution

Not only does WorXsiteHR give its clients the power to totally unify ACA compliance, payroll, and benefits administration for FREE… now they can own the company!


Calabasas, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2015 --Meet WorXsiteHR, a two and a half-year old company that handles ACA compliance, payroll, benefits administration, human resources, and many of the other aspects of managing employees including point-of-sales. The best part would seem to be that it's all free but WorXsiteHR has gone a step further than anyone else by offering stock ownership to its customers.

WorXsiteHR can give its software away for free because it makes its money facilitating the sale of insurance between health-care providers, workmen's compensation carriers and employers. In this way, WorXsiteHR is both selling insurance -- online and without the paper-pushing typical in the industry -- and providing businesses a program where they can manage it all.

CEO John Zabasky and co-founder, Sharon Rowell, originally funded WorXsiteHR through their previous successful ventures in the staffing and PEO industries. Zabasky, who has experience as a hedge fund manager, notes "that approach allowed us to stay away from the high cost of venture capitalists so now we have this wonderful opportunity to share our success with those who matter most: our customers." WorXsiteHR's philosophy has always been to get maximum feedback from its customers to facilitate both user-friendly and cutting edge technology. Their new 'client-owned' strategy takes this to a whole new level.

It's also worth noting that some of the main differences between WorXsiteHR and its competitors, are that HRX® can handle companies of any size (it has companies with as few as 20 employees to as many as 30,000). It also has its own payroll solution built on its own proprietary technology, so does not have to rely on third party payroll companies for integration, although as CEO John Zabasky says "we're not averse to integrating with third parties – we do it all the time. But most of our clients just choose to use ours since it's free."

Another major difference separating WorXsiteHR from the crowd is that, in addition to its technology, WorXsiteHR representatives are very aggressive in making sure their clients get the best insurance rates and advocacy available. Zabasky points out that "our people are not merely Insurance Agents, but are Business Strategists who are available 24/7 to act as Consultants assisting companies in making the proper choices for business critical processes including benefits, workman's compensation, payroll, and human resources."

WorXsiteHR is a merger of two great ideas: The free, state-of-the-art technology is online and the personalized customer service is far superior to the rare communication most employers receive from your typical insurance broker.

For more information, visit www.worxsitehr.com.

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