Francine Tone

Clients Beware: Winning a Lawsuit Could Be Your Worst Nightmare

Lawyer Gives Essential Tips for Saving Stress and Money, and Maneuvering Effectively in the Legal System


Truckee, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2017 --Clients haven't a clue what is and is not important when they get involved in a legal dispute. Depending on the lawyer hired, they may never know. Win or lose, the client could be walking into the worst situation of his or her life. It's no wonder people distrust lawyers.That needs to stop.

"Clients need to trust their lawyers, but it's pretty hard to trust someone if you feel they are keeping secrets," says Francine Tone, author of the #1 bestselling book What Every Good Lawyer Wants You to Know: An Insider's Guide on How to Reduce Stress, Reduce Costs and Get the Most from Your Lawyer. "It's time lawyers pull back the curtain and invite clients into the inner circle to be part of the problem solving team. Lawyers should feel honored to have a client trust them. Developing and maintaining trust should be more important that how much money can be made. Clients need a way to find good lawyers who believe that trust is the most important part of the relationship. Armed with the right information, clients can impact the market place and put bad lawyers out of business. There are plenty of good lawyers out there to take care of all legal business."

Francine Tone has seen it from all sides: trial lawyer, appellate lawyer, judge pro tem and client. "A number of years ago, my husband and I were sued. It was a lawsuit by our former partners over the break-up of our law practice. [Could have predicted that coming!]" Being a client was revealing but her inside knowledge saved her when she was a client and she is sharing that insider knowledge in her book.

In her book, Tone shares the best tips to save you money, time and stress and gives you an inside peek into the legal system from a lawyer's point of view. The book contains the same information she has been sharing with her clients for nearly 30 years, designed to help clients save money, stress and time. "Speed is the key. The book contains what a client needs to know and what a client can do to assist in getting to resolution as fast as possible." This book is a must have for anyone who is or is about to get involved in a legal dispute.

Now that Tone has written down her tips, she gives the book to her clients, who are thrilled to have the information in a book. The book has become Tone's #1 marketing tool and she is now offering lawyers the opportunity to create a similar book through her company Tone Strategics.

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