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Closely-guarded College Funding “Secrets” Revealed -Free College Planning Workshops to be Hosted by Local College Planners

Closely-guarded College Funding “Secrets” Revealed - Free College Planning Workshops to be Hosted by Local College Planners


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2008 -- In October, parents will have four opportunities to learn how to navigate the overly-complicated college financial aid process. Andrew Lockwood, J.D. and Peter “College Pete” Ratzan, M.B.A., co-founders of Weston, Florida -based, will host their college funding workshop, “How to Pay for College Without Going Broke – or Raiding What’s Left of Your Retirement Savings!” Lockwood and Ratzan specialize in helping college-bound students get into, and pay for, college for less than the full “sticker price” and co-authored the book, “Never Pay Retail for College.”

“We’ve seen a sharp up tick in attendance at our workshops the last 12-14 months, which I’m sure has a lot to do with the recent shut-down of the biggest student lending programs and other events related to our current economic crisis,” said Lockwood. “Even parents earning $150,000 or more are showing up and learning how they can save $10,000 off college costs.”

“Our workshops cover the biggest myths about the financial aid process, including ‘Parents who earn six-figure incomes or have a chunk of equity in their homes won’t qualify for financial aid,” said Ratzan. “This may be the most pervasive, and unfortunate, myth, because it prevents untold numbers of eligible parents from even applying for financial aid! Everyone should apply, no matter what they've been told by their guidance counselor, college adviser, CPA or other expert.”

No products or services will be mentioned at the workshop; nothing will be sold or “pitched.” Seating is limited due to the size of the room and higher than anticipated response to advertising.

Parents can view upcoming dates, times and locations either by visiting or by calling 954.659.1234 ext. 299.