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Cloud.IQ Shows How Cart Recovery Solution Works Through a Video Presentation

Cloud.IQ discusses how cartRecovery solutions work through a video posted in their website. The company explains the normal behavior of online shoppers and how cartRecovery can help in reducing cart abandonment.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/19/2014 --Cloud.IQ explains cartRecovery solutions and how it could help an online retailer, through a video presentation posted on their website: The video tackles the biggest problem in ecommerce, which is cart abandonment, and it specifically discusses why consumers abandon their carts online. According to them, online shoppers use carts to compare, browse and select items. Unfortunately, most shoppers get distracted from their transaction, resulting in the abandonment of the process midway. What cartRecovery does is capture important customer information, such as contact details, and enables businesses to later remarket the items back to the consumer through email. This process, as explained by Cloud.IQ, will help online retailers increase revenue and reduce cart abandonment rate.

To help viewers understand the matter further, a customer engagement specialist shared some benefitsin using the technology. According to him, around 75% of online transactions are abandoned; however he also outlined how these ecommerce solutions can help in recovering 20% of abandoned sales. These solutions, such as cartAnalyser, also offer advantages through using their real time analytics dashboard to provide quick data analysis and up to date monitoring. These factors are important in decision making or planning strategies to increase sales. Importantly by using services like cartRecovery online retailers can expect an increase in customer’s turnover by an average of 5%.

Cart abandonment is a serious issue that every online retailer has to face. Many consumers are easily discouraged or distracted if the cart is poorly designed or there are hidden charges at the end of the transaction. Thus, an effective cart recovery solution is necessary to save a potential sale. Emails and follow-up phone calls are just few of the ways used to recover abandoned sales; however Cloud.IQ takes it a step further by providing real time analysis and technical support to ensure that the sale is recovered.

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Cloud.IQ provides ecommerce solutions specializing on abandoned carts and lost sales. The company provides a real time analytical dashboard to monitor the rate of cart abandonment in a website. The company is located at 35 Kingsland Rd, Shoreditch, London, E2 8AA, United Kingdom. Their number is +44 (0)845 498 9426 and email address is