Clutter Trucker

Clutter Truckers Offer More Than Junk Removal to Denver Residents


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/13/2015 --Hoarding is a complex issue that affects family members' physical and mental well-being. For removal services from household clutter to hoarding clean up Denver residents have options that go beyond clean homes. Locally owned Clutter Trucker, a hoarding clean up and junk removal service, specializes in dealing with hoarding and offers more than cleaning services.

More Than Cleaner Living

Owner Jennifer Hanzlick started Clutter Trucker after seeing a need for a thorough and compassionate removal service in the Denver area. "The first home I cleaned was in 2008 for a family member who needed help with his brother's three-bedroom condo on the sixth floor." She and her team removed 30 years' worth of accumulation from the home and helped her first client recover precious items. As she cleaned, she realized the process was about something greater than clean living spaces. "After a little research I found it was very common and knew that so many individuals and families were suffering and need help."

More Help for Hoarding

For residents of hoarding homes in Denver, junk removal is a top priority, but just clearing the clutter isn't enough. "We have started a hoarding task force in Colorado," Hanzlick said. "We provide support and improve inter-agency hoarding coordination, giving education and training to help people understand and cope with hoarding disorder." The Clutter Trucker task force brings together an all-volunteer group of first responders, mental and medical health professionals, social service providers, and attorneys. Together with the Clutter Trucker cleaning crew, the team works to find solutions to complex cases.

Helping Clients in the Long Term

Clutter Truckers have helped hundreds of families and individuals dealing with hoarding clean up in Denver during the company's eight years of operation. Because she's seen hoarding happen firsthand, Hanzlick is sympathetic to what other families face and doesn't see cleaning as a one-time event. "More than 90 percent of people who hoard will still accumulate 'stuff' after clean-out. We understand this and offer ongoing maintenance once we complete a project."

Compassionate Cleaning

The company's clients recognize that the work Clutter Trucker's team members do in their Denver junk removal efforts isn't always about decluttering. "Jennifer showed patience and compassion in dealing with our mentally challenged family member," said Jeanice S. when asked about what Clutter Truckers have done for her. By taking the time to explain to Jeanice's relative why the clean up was needed and giving him a voice in the process, the Clutter Truckers were able to turn what was once a stressful conflict over cleaning into a cooperative effort.

Finding Simplicity

When Jennifer Hanzlick started Clutter Trucker, she didn't foresee how much it would mean to her as well as the people she helps. "I am motivated every day by the tears of joy, the hugs and words of those people." She has embraced Albert Einstein's quote: "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Family members and individuals who feel overwhelmed with a Denver junk removal project can find more information about Clutter Trucker's hoarding clean up in Denver by calling 720-982-7856.