CNG Filter Elements and Filter Housings Marketed via Mobile-Friendly Web Design by Miami Web Designer

Their liquid and gas filters are effective for over 99% of all particulate contaminants, and their Semantic Web design and W3C mobileOK web pages are accessible by over 99% of all desktop and mobile browsers.


Miami Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2011 --With oil prices rising as petroleum reserves deplete, visionaries like T. Boone Pickens are promoting compressed natural gas or "CNG" as a viable alternative energy source. According to CngNow.com, CNG costs about 40% less than gasoline and "compressed natural gas is the cleanest transportation fuel available today." But keeping CNG clean requires efficient coalescing filtration from production through distribution to delivery. Recognizing that growing CNG consumption will lead to increased demand for coalescing filters, Frontier Group of the Americas has partnered with Classic Filters Ltd UK to distribute their comprehensive line of gas and liquid filter elements and housings. And through their recently-launched website FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com, they will be leveraging mobile friendly Web 3.0 technology to market their instrument, analysis, testing and replacement filters and custom-engineered filtration solutions to a diverse base of scientific, research, laboratory and industrial clientele.

"We project that increasing demand for our stainless steel filter housings and PTFE [polytetrafluoroethylene] membrane DIA [disposable in-line absorption] and DIF [disposable in-line] instrumentation, sampling and analyzer filters, coupled with growing CNG filtration requirements, will be a major contributor to our expansion into the Americas, especially as NGVs [natural gas vehicles] make their way into the mainstream on both continents." stated David Janes, Managing Director of Sales for Classic Filters. "Based in South Florida near the business hub of Miami, the sales resources and distribution network of Frontier Group are ideally located to meet the needs of our customers in both North and South America," he continued, "and built on a solid foundation of W3C standards compliance and Semantic Web design, we are confident their FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com website developed by Bruce Arnold will get our compelling message of quality filters, competitive pricing and superior service in front of the right people."

Designed by Bruce Arnold's Miami web design firm WebReDesignMiami.com, with front end development by web developer Web3.0DesignMiami.com and optimization by Internet marketer PervasivePersuasion.com, the Frontier Group's new FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com website consists of hand-coded PHP-scripted HTML5/CSS3 with unobtrusive Javascript and jQuery enhancements. It features a faux browser panel extension, fixed header for desktop browsers, touch- and search-friendly Javascript-free navigation with imageless CSS3 gradient buttons, RSS/Ajax Twitter and blog feeds to enhance the user experience, social media integration, sharing and bookmarking facilitation, and Flash-free jQuery animations viewable on virtually all desktop, notebook, netbook, tablet - including Android and iPad - and smartphone browsers.

Every page at FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com passes all seven tests of Web 3.0 readiness, including not only W3C standards compliance validation of content and format but also checks on behavior, accessibility, semantics, feeds and links. This maximizes the site's visibility and user agent access potentials. The "mobile friendly" full website is accessible by both standard browsers and robust smartphones. Access is further broadened by the integration of a DDR (device description repository) to identify and adjust for mobile and other requesting browser capabilities, plus a "W3C mobileOK" companion mobile website optimized for both smartphones with minibrowsers (e.g. Opera Mobile) and not-so-smart cellphones with microbrowsers (e.g. OpenWave) at "m.filtrationanalysisfilters.com". As research by MobiThinking.com et al. indicates that currently only about 25% of the world's growing base of 4.7 billion or so Internet-capable mobile phones qualify as "smart" phones, these additions increase the website's Mobile Web market penetration potential fourfold. As the Managing Director of Production for Classic Filters Ian Bovington quipped:

"Our in-line disposable filters will eliminate over 99% of all solid and liquid particulate contaminants. And being mobile friendly as well as Web 3.0 Ready, Frontier Group's FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com website designed by Bruce Arnold will illuminate over 99% of all desktop and mobile web browsers."

About FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com and Frontier Group of the Americas
Distributed by Frontier Group of the Americas, the Classic Filters line of industrial, instrumentation, testing, sampling and analytical filtration solutions includes everything from stainless steel filter housings for PTFE membrane filters to replacement filter elements to complete filtering systems suitable for almost any application. To learn more about our highest quality coalescing and particulate filters and filtration systems logon to FiltrationAnalysisFilters.com.

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Miami web designer and Mobile Web applications developer Bruce Arnold's WebReDesignMiami.com ( miamiwebdesigner.mobi ) and Web3.0DesignMiami.com ( webdesignermiami.mobi ) form a Semantic Web design and Web 3.0 front-end development boutique that defines success on the Web as high visibility plus broad accessibility. Maximum ROI is assured by a proven proprietary PervasivePersuasion.com ( miamiwebdesign.mobi ) methodology that encompasses both search marketing and social media.