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Co-Op Card Game 5-Minute Dungeon, Makes Kickstarter Debut November 1

Award Winning Publisher Wiggles 3D turns to crowdfunding to get it's newest game to the masses.


London, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/01/2016 --5-Minute Dungeon is a fast-paced, co-operative, real-time card game, launching today on Kickstarter from award-winning game publisher Wiggles 3D.

Adrenaline-fueled to create a jolt of excitement for casual and advanced players alike, 5-Minute Dungeon is a game in which players have a short five minutes to conquer a dungeon. Its humor-filled fantasy world is home to creatures like "A Cactus That Wants a Hug," "The Grime Reaper" and "A Shark With Legs." In the game, two to five players join together and choose up to five heroes to battle monsters, overcome obstacles, and defeat the dungeon boss. There are five dungeons to defeat, each more challenging than the last, with the final dungeon requiring precise skill, speed, and strategy to defeat. With no time to form a carefully-considered plan, and no predicting what dangers lie ahead, communication and teamwork are the name of the game, crucial to surviving the 5-Minute Dungeon.

"Designed with enthusiasts, life-long dungeon-crawlers and casual gamers in mind, 5-Minute Dungeon feeds into the hottest trend of co-operative game-play. It's a fun, fast-paced card game that can be played anytime," said Connor Reid, creator of 5-Minute Dungeon. "With the game's humorous tone, overarching goal, detailed art and rapid action, we're confident that 5-Minute Dungeon will be the next must-have game launched on Kickstarter."

A 5-Minute Dungeon timer app will be available for free on both iOS and Android. It keeps the action on track as the team attempts to conquer the dungeon in less than five minutes.

Following on the success of crowd-sourced Kickstarter campaigns, 5-Minute Dungeon contributions start at $5, with backers gaining access to discounted Early Bird Copies, Collector Editions, exclusive content and more. As the campaign proceeds, Kickstarter contributors will unlock great stretch goals which include: linen-coated cards, high-quality game mats, prototypes, collectible figurines, timer app enhancements and more.

To learn more about 5-Minute Dungeon, visit http://kckstr.com/5MDtime

About Wiggles 3D
Two-time Mensa Award winner Wiggles 3D is a Canadian developer and publisher that has been creating board games, apps and syndicated puzzles since 2001. Based in Canada, the company is the creator of the popular magnetic game Bellz and the hit movie trivia game Pass the Popcorn. Their games are licensed in 25 countries and featured in major newspapers and online game portals.

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