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Cobra Low Profile Cable Tie Is Tie of Choice for Scuba Diving


Hudson, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2014 --Cobra Products Inc, manufacturer and distributor of the Cobra® Low Profile Ties, offers the ultimate solution to separated mouthpiece problems faced by scuba divers that can potentially cause stress and lead to panic, rapid ascents, decompression illness and pressure-related injuries to them when scuba diving. With its superior tensile strength and a smooth, snag-proof contour design, Cobra Ties provide unparalleled safety as they secures the mouthpiece tight to the scuba regulator while eliminating the risk of cuts and abrasions to the skin and equipment of the diver. An important part of the diving kit, Cobra Ties is available in different dimensions, materials, and tensile strengths to suit a broad range of diving equipment requirements.

Nicki Higginbotham of Halcyon Dive Systems, a leading manufacturer of diving products, explained in a post to Cobra Cable Ties, “We use the low profile tie to hold the inflator attached to a corrugated hose which then gets attached to an elbow with 2 more ties that is attached to a bladder. This entire assembly is called a buoyancy compensator and is used in SCUBA diving”. Mark Bresnahan, General Manager and Vice President of Cobra Products comments, “Cobra Ties not only have applications for use for scuba divers, but also have many other marine related applications, such as bundling wires in confined areas of boats”.

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Made in the U.S.A., Cobra is the lowest profile nylon tie on the market. RoHS and UL compliant, Cobra zip ties offer superior tensile strength and robust quality that stand up well in a wide range of environments. Safer than a traditional tie, Cobra features a smooth, snag-proof contour with no barbs or spikes to injure an installer, technician or end user. Please visit –

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