The Broken Flow

Codename: Rave - Before You Lies a Unique World of Struggle and Strife

A world where one man known only as the Operator must survive in a city where everyone has super powers but him. An old school raver with a taste for new technology.


Millersville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2015 --Since the early 1900's comics have entertained and demanded the attention of their readers by combining imagery and visual stimulation with clever and enthralling fictitious literary content. With thanks to the tremendous accessibility of the internet, webcomics are now taking over from their printed counterparts and their popularity is soaring. 'Codename: Rave' is a one of a kind comic built with the fundamental idea to constantly expand and grow in unique ways that feature rave culture. Just launched on Patreon on the 31stĀ of October, Codename: Rave is the premier webcomic featuring a world built from old and new rave culture, and proudly offers stories spanning a diverse spectrum of ideals, perspectives and philosophies.

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Codename: Rave is the creative brain child of artistic genius and alias, The Broken Flow. Over fifteen years The Broken Flow has remained the centre of the literary universe of Codename: Rave and the resulting unique world of struggle and strife is sure to thrill. The creation tells a story of a man known only as The Operator. The Operator is an old school raver with a taste for new technology, but the real spin is not on his turntables. He must survive in a city where everyone has super powers but him, and where his only defences are his calls on the power of the Sonic Goddesses to arm him against those who stand past his limits.

Codename: Rave is focused on DJ's and ravers, and encompasses everything within the rave genre, including but not limited to the fashion, building design and graffiti and particularly the street dialog. The Broken Flow has used these elements to create an authentic rave experience for his audience alongside startling imagery and an intoxicating plot line. The inspiration for this story arose because of the influence of the rave scene on larger, mainstream culture. The Broken Flow felt it has never received it's due credit and has now penned this generous dedication.

The Codename: Rave story also offers a unique and alternative option in comparison to other webcomics available on the market. Combined with increased availability and convenience, Codename: Rave also boast intricate and high quality art and graphics to captivate the reader's attention and heighten their excitement throughout the chapter.

Webcomics also allow easier updating and are easier to follow. The characters are distinctive and the story exceptional, with new artwork released as each of the available supporter's reward tiers are reached.

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