Globe Icons Creative, Inc.

Coffee Cup Advertising Startup to Place Brands in Consumer Hands at Convenience Stores, Coffee Shops and Cafes in 2016

Globe Icons Creative offers a new form of offline advertising space, in and around convenience stores, coffee shops and cafes through coffee cup advertising. In exchange for distribution, they supply them with FREE Coffee Cups.


Hainesport, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2016 --We are "A New Kind of Agency" startup that offers a relatively new form of offline, outdoor, out-of-home advertising space for experiential marketing and promotional brand advertising. In and around convenience stores, coffeehouses and cafes through ad-based hot beverage cup advertising. In exchange for distributing our advertisements, we provide convenience stores, coffeehouses and cafes with FREE hot beverage cups sold with Coffee and Tea.

"Coffee Cup Advertising" offers lower cost per message (CPM) rate than almost any other advertising medium. As brand advertisements will be viewed by consumers through 37 minutes of average consumption time. This takes place as they raise your advertisement on the cup to eye level in excess of 20 times to consume the hot beverage. All while the consumer also touches and holds the brand in their hand, while feeling warm and positive. This allows consumers to come to the brand advertiser, rather than utilizing strict outbound advertisement pushing them away. Coffee consumers are very loyal repeat customers. Like outdoor advertising, your ad will be viewed by six other people while in store and out; as they are exposed during its transportation and consumption.

Due to a sea change in digital online communication, point of sale (POS) technology and the birth of mobile technology, mechanisms such as a QR Code and Near Field Communications (NFC) that now combine these stakeholder groups with traditional print advertising to transform your brand advertisement on our ad-based hot beverage cups into a virtual advertising machine. By adding a code to our medium vehicle; your marketing team can also track the progress of your campaign. To engage consumers who are directed to your online store, blog or social media site, by the call-to-action (CTA) in the ad the advertiser designs and creates. That ultimately targets the consumer audience you need to reach. Our offline advertising space is offered on a schedule with discounted bulk rate price points depending on volume, frequency and term of agreement. We also offer a tier program to supply smaller coffee shops, cafes, Delis and other small businesses.

Our team is dedicated to collaboration and implementation of a solid Business Plan written and developed by Ronald Simons the CEO at Globe Icons Creative with the help of Business and Marketing Consultants, NJSCORE Mentoring and the NJTC at the BCC Incubator of Mount Laurel, NJ. Our golden triangle team of professionals possess creative thought, business, sales, marketing, consulting, legal, and management skills; as it is composed of Marketing & Sales Representatives, Accountants, Consultants and Lawyers of which are all experts and successful in their own entrepreneurial fields of business.

Together internally we form Globe Icons Creative, Inc. A powerhouse of creative innovation, integrity, knowledge, skill, realism, experience and professionalism. Externally our business model and services represent the pinnacle business icons of the globe that are highly revered in the public eye that make a difference in our communities and lives every day.

Our Mission is to take offline coffee cup advertising, from a novelty promotional campaign item in America; to a revenue driven world class offline brand advertising program. We do this by offering and providing brand advertisers with solutions based on cold hard facts and use brand multiples that increase top line revenues. Scale earnings, increase the financial value of the brand, and ultimately the bottom line for the business. We don't just sell advertising space.

We Focus on generating a maximum return on investment (ROI) for our clients; while exponentially realizing advertising space. We believe that an effective Marketing Strategy is more than just a Marketing Plan; its must provide solutions that are a Win/Win for all parties.

Our Vision is to place brand advertisers on coffee cups in convenience stores, coffeehouses and cafes across America in 2016.

Our fledgling emerging startup was filed in the State of DE and received its Certificate of Incorporation on December 30th, 2015. As a traditional startup, we have plans to offer and seek internal and external investor opportunities for a perishable market opportunity with a durable competitive advantage.

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