Coin-O-Matic Laundry Equipment

COIN-O-MATIC Offers Rental Options for Commercial Laundry Equipment Businesses in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton Florida

For those who are looking forward to opening a new laundry business one does not need to shell out a lump sum money for buying laundry equipment. Rentals are available from COIN-O-MATIC.


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2017 --Starting a laundry business sounds great, although it will need sufficient funds for the business to take off. Apart from the staff, one has to invest in buying commercial laundry equipment. This would mean that one has to have a good amount of funds on hand. If not, there is no reason to worry as there are companies like COIN-O-MATIC who can help with acquiring the commercial laundry equipment in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton Florida.

Since 1984, COIN-O-MATIC has been providing the best in laundry technology and support services. They are a family owned and operated business, and they take pride in the special brand of customer service and support that they have been providing since the day they opened their doors. They have a great team working for them, and their motto is customer satisfaction. They provide quality equipment and deliver and install on time and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

COIN-O-MATIC understands that purchasing laundromat washing machines in Miami Beach and Hollywood Florida might not be possible for all. That is why they have come up with their rental program. Those starting a laundry business can benefit by opting for their rental program to simply pay a monthly fee and the company will provide the washers, dryers and all commercial laundry equipment to the person or the property where it is to be installed. The pricing for using it and all other charges are controlled by the person who has rented the machines. In times of repair, the technicians at COIN-O-MATIC will take care of the issues, if any, and that too at no additional charge.

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COIN-O-MATIC is a recognized company offering the best in laundry technology. They offer a wide range of their laundry equipment options that include top load, front load, single load, multi-load tumbler and more.