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Cold Spring Advisory Group Caseload Grows in 2016

Cold Spring Advisory Group Believes No Case is too Small


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/24/2016 --Cold Spring Advisory Group has helped numerous individuals and businesses with their cases of broker abuse, financial mismanagement, and excessive commissions charged. Some cases total as low as $20,000 to over $200,000 in losses and damages. The financial team at Cold Spring Advisory Group believes that no case is too small of a claim to be investigated.

Unfortunately, cases that involve broker abuse or mismanagement happen every day. Both businesses and consumers trust their brokers and firms to manage their finances, and aid them in making sound investment decisions, only to discover that they were taken advantage of and even lost their hard-earning savings and investments.

About Cold Spring Advisory
Cold Spring Advisory Group is a leading securities arbitration firm specializing in investment loss recovery. Cold Spring Advisory works with small businesses and individuals who have become victims of broker abuse and who have sustained substantial financial losses and damages.

The team of financial analysts at the Cold Spring Advisory Group will analyze client accounts and monthly statements for signs of suspicious charges. If suspicious charges or other signs of broker abuse are present, then the financial account representative with Cold Spring Advisory will then provide the client with a full appraisal, outlining the strengths, weaknesses, and details of the case. Cold Spring Advisory Group will then consult the client on how to proceed with a case as well as the risks and rewards associated with pursuing a claim.

Although the team of financial analysts and account representatives aren't attorneys, Cold Spring Advisory Group does have a network of attorneys available for clients who are interested in legal guidance or advice.

Every Case is Worth It.

Earlier this year, Cold Spring Advisory had over 200 open cases worth over $30 million in claims. Cases have ranged from representing the middle-aged farmer in Wisconsin who lost over $150,000 in commissions fraudulently charged to the business owner whose savings were illegally traded, also resulting in over $100,000 loss. These examples, as well as many others were all real cases that sought the help and advice of a securities arbitration firm.

Most of the victims and clients of Cold Spring Advisory Group are middle- to upper-class blue collar workers who risked the life savings, investments, and retirement portfolios by working with a broker or financial planner or consultant. Cold Spring Advisory Group is fully knowledgeable of the brokerage industry, on how to review and analyze statements and broker reports, and how to conduct the necessary investigations to represent clients in their cases.

The panel of investment experts and financial analysts and account representatives at Cold Spring Advisory Group has over twenty-five years of trading experience and branch management, making Cold Spring Advisory Group truly unique. In fact, there is no other firm in the United States that can do what Cold Spring Advisory Group can do for clients.

"Our firm is unique in every aspect. No other firm in the U.S. Does what we do."- Cold Spring Advisory Group team


If you have suffered a loss or believe your finances have been mismanaged in any way, then contact the experienced team of experts at Cold Spring Advisory Group today.

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