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Cold Spring Advisory Group Helps Win Case for Minnesota Farmer


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/09/2016 --Cold Spring Advisory Group recently helped a Minnesota farmer win his case against a broker who charged the farmer commissions totaling over $26,000.

Mr. Leon K., a 57-year-old dairy and crop farmer from Minnesota won his case against Spartan Capital, a full financial services and securities firm. Mr. K. invested his hard earned money with Spartan Capital only to discover that Spartan Capital charged excessive commissions totaling over $26,000 during the partnership. Mr. K's account was traded with unauthorized and unsuitable transactions.

Unfortunately, these types of cases happen every day. Both businesses and consumers trust their brokers and firms to manage their finances, and aid them in making sound investment decisions, only to discover that their finances were mismanaged down the road.

About Cold Spring Advisory. Cold Spring Advisory Group is the nation's leading securities arbitration firm, which specializes in investment loss recovery. Cold Spring Advisory works with small businesses and consumers who have become victims of financial mismanagement and who have sustained substantial financial losses and damages as a result.

Cold Spring Advisory has over 200 open current cases worth over $30 million in claims. The team of financial analysts at the Cold Spring Advisory Group analyzes consumer accounts for both broker abuse and mismanagement and collect-ability. Then, the team provides clients with a full appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses of their case as well as the risks and rewards of pursing their claim.

Different in Every Way. The financial analyst team at Cold Spring Advisory Group is different than working with an attorney. The financial analysts and account managers at Cold Spring Advisory have the ability to fully understand every aspect of the brokerage industry, including reviewing and analyzing broker-deal reports, and even understanding how insurance policies work, which is outside the scope of an attorney's experience and responsibilities.

In fact, there is no other firm in the United States that can do what Cold Spring Advisory Group can do for clients. However, for those clients who wish to work with an attorney on their case, Cold Spring Advisory Group also has a network of attorneys that are available to assist Cold Spring's clients on their cases.

"Our firm is unique in every aspect. No other firm in the U.S. Does what we do."- Cold Spring Advisory Group team

About Cold Spring Advisory Group
Cold Spring Advisory Group specializes in investment loss recovery. The panel of investment experts and financial analysts has over twenty-five years of trading experience and branch management, which attributes to the organization's success.

If you have suffered a loss or believe your finances have been mismanaged in any way, then contact the experienced team of experts at Cold Spring Advisory Group today.

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