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Cold Spring Advisory Group Specializes in Stock Market Loss Recovery

When brokers or brokerage firms make risky, unethical, and sometimes illegal investments or mismanage investment accounts that result in loss and damages for the investor, the investor then becomes a victim of broker mismanagement or abuse. Cold Spring Advisory (CSAG) is the nation’s leading securities arbitration firm, specializing in representing individuals who have become victims of these types of mismanagement and abuse.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2016 --Cold Spring Advisory Group is the nation's leading securities arbitration firm, which specializes in investment loss recovery. Cold Spring Advisory works with small businesses and consumers who have become victims of financial mismanagement and who have sustained substantial financial losses and damages as a result.

Cold Spring Advisory is the only firm in the United States that represents individuals who have become victims of financial mismanagement and/ or abuse. Cold Spring Advisory has over 200 open current cases worth over $30 million in claims. Cold Spring Advisory group teams of financial analysts and even a network of legal professionals who specialize in helping victims of financial mismanagement with their cases.

Cold Spring Advisory Group has an 80% success rate on all cases to date, which means 80% of clients have received a monetary award or settlement. Additionally, the majority of clients have received settlements or rewards for approximately 60% or more of their total damages and losses, and several have even received 100% of the losses and damages claimed.

How Cold Spring Advisory Group Can Help with Stock Market Loss Recovery

In addition to representing clients with financial mismanagement and abuse who have suffered financial losses or damages, Cold Spring Advisory Group also helps individuals with stock market loss recovery.

The team of financial analysts at Cold Spring Advisory Group will perform an initial analysis of any account(s) that were suspected of loss or damages. Then, the team will review their findings, and advise clients on the strength and validity of their cases. If a client's case has strong evidence of damages and losses due to broker abuse or mismanagement, then the team will be organizing and preparing for a case, which involves certified forensic analysis, expert and expert witness testimonies to ensure that clients have the strongest case possible for maximum recovery.

Contact. The teams of investment experts and financial analysts at Cold Spring Advisory have over twenty-five years of experience in various areas of finance and investment management.

About Cold Spring Advisory Group
Cold Spring Advisory Group offers free evaluations and consultations, which involve reviewing brokerage statements, trade confirmations, and commissions in order to look for evidence of churning, over concentration, unauthorized trading and/ or other violations and illegal or unethical practices.

If you have suffered damages or losses due to broker misconduct or abuse, then contact the experienced team at Cold Spring Advisory Group today. Call our team today at 212-566-6060 to schedule a free consultation.