Collins Nsuhoreidem Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set

Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set is a 24x7 Lithium-ion battery operated generator set that provides inexpensive electricity during grid interruptions. Creator Collins Nsuhoreidem is looking to raise $2,500,000 via Indiegogo to start the initial production run of Duo-Cells.


Lagos, Nigeria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2015 --Collins Nsuhoreidem has been working with the Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set team since the last five years. This product was created with the objective of replacing the conventional generator sets that are powered by fossil fuels and are harmful to the environment. Duo-Cells will also serve as a generator of inexpensive electricity during public grid failure and peak demand periods. Having worked in the green energy field for many years, Collins is passionate about inventions that have long-lasting positive impacts on the environment, and people's lives. He is extremely hopeful that Duo-Cells will have an extraordinary impact on the market.

Highlighting the need for Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set, Collins Nsuhoreidem states, "With electricity consumption on the rise and utilities struggling to keep pace with market and regulatory changes, the aim of this invention is to contribute to make electricity cheaply available, and save costs especially on daily grid peak demand charges."

Collins claims that this useful product will help accomplish the following objectives
- Reduce Peak Power Demand
- Reduce Overall Energy Costs
- Reduce Grid Strains
- Protect the Environment

Collins has recently started an Indiegogo campaign with the objective of building a standard mass production compliant prototype. His final goal is to initiate the mass production of Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set. They need a certain minimum order volume to have the product manufactured by top manufacturers with the highest quality tooling and safety records. Without this minimum initial volume, it would not be possible to bring this useful product to the market. The funding budget for the Indiegogo campaign is $2,500,000.

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About Collins Nsuhoreidem
Collins Nsuhoreidem has been working with the Duo-Cells Electric Generating Set team for over 5 years. They created this product to replace costly fossil fuel powered and environmentally harmful generating set to provide inexpensive electricity during public grid failure, and during grid peak demand to save cost.