Open Piceance Basin

Colorado and Utah Have More Oil Than the Rest of the World Combined

Now, America can easily Stop Runaway Debt Clock


Canon City, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2015 --The USA doesn't need to import any more oil, according to the top U.S. Government's Energy Information Administration (EIA) 2011. Any day now, we can stop importing Middle East Oil (MEO). This hot, eye-popping discovery can make our generation wealthier than any before.

Six times as much easy access oil is stored in CO's Piceance Basin (PB) than Saudia Arabia according to Wikipedia.

So why aren't we developing already? Why is the government delaying our most desperately needed Prosperity?

CO and UT can become the Super Saudi Arabia of the Rockies. Moreover, Americans can enter a new, extended, and very prosperous age, lasting for centuries. Middle Class Misery, and extreme Poverty could become a thing in history books. Nevertheless, it will take a loud call (this Peoples' Lobbying Petition) this election cycle, to OPEN PB. This Petition is called Open Piceance Oil Basin. We feel the government has over studied this matter far too long.

Officially, we haven't needed MEO for over five years. So what is our vested interest in Iraq and Syria? Moreover, POB will be pollution neutral. No extra smog will be created, as the U.S. already refines all the oil used.

"We could stop importing MEO today," wrote Analyst, Kevin Drum, at Mother Jones Magazine, upon reviewing the EIA's Outlook 2012. That was four years ago.

Is the government treating POB far worse than the Keystone Pipeline, with phony excuses and plausible deniability?

Apparently, the Military Industrial Complex, with an almost unlimited budget since 9/11, 2001, has convinced our leaders we should become the World's Policeman. This illusive dream has bankrupted every country which has tried. Now it is ruining the USA economy. After all, the National Deficit has quadrupled since 2002.

RDC approaches $20 Trillion. It has become a national nightmare. This added National Debt is more than the cost of all past wars combined. This spells National Emergency. This calls for War Time urgency. By pulling out of ME NOW, we can save enough taxes to reverse RDC NOW.

John Stossel's 2013 RDC special, National Debt Hits Home, points out just how terrible for average folks the National Deficit is.

Our founders gave us a fantastic Ace in the Hole when things go wrong - The Right to Collectively Petition our government for Redress for Grievances.

About Deveraux Thomas
Deveraux Thomas is a retired Petition Consultant and native Coloradoan. This online Petition is a collective call for the government to fast track and cut the red tape in POB Development. Pass along this article to family and friends. "Word of mouth is the best advertisement."

This is the pot at the end of the rainbow for the Middle Class and Poor. Millions of OPB Petition Signers are needed for successful Lobbying efforts. Help save America Now! Join our online Petition Now! Open Piceance