Steve Lebsock for Treasurer

Colorado State Representative Steve Lebsock Passes a Polygraph Proving He Is Innocent of False Allegations

(Press Conference scheduled Thurs. Dec. 14, 2017. 1pm. 1525 Sherman Street. 6th floor. RM#603)


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2017 --Steve Lebsock is the first elected leader in America to prove his innocence since the #MeToo movement started in October of this year by passing a polygraph. Rep. Lebsock says he's ready to keep fighting and prepared to reveal the motives for the false claims. He has also stated that he is willing to take a polygraph regarding all of the allegations against him.

After waiting an unreasonable three weeks for the fact finder to contact him, Colorado State Representative Steve Lebsock, who was falsely accused of sexual harassment by fellow lawmaker Faith Winter, was exonerated this week when he voluntarily participated in and passed a polygraph test asking critical questions about allegations made against him by Faith Winter.

"I waited and waited for the Speaker's chosen fact finder to contact me, so I can tell my side of the story, interview my witnesses, and properly grant me the due process all Americans deserve in situations like mine. However, I have not been contacted yet, and I simply cannot wait any longer to tell my side of the story, which proves all of the allegations false. After learning that certain politicians seek to have me removed from the Legislature over false allegations against me, I decided to take action." says, Lebsock.

Rep. Lebsock was approached by the team at Accountability Polygraph Services to take the polygraph exam which focused on questions pertaining to the allegations from both Rep. Faith Winter and former lobbyist, Holly Tarry. In the exam Rep. Lebsock was first asked questions about Faith Winter's claim in the following order:

1) Question: "In May 2016 at Stoney's Bar, did you attempt to grab Faith's arm ( including her elbow )?"

Rep. Lebsock answer - "No."

2) Question: "In May 2016 at Stoney's Bar, did you grab Faith's arm (including her elbow)?"

Rep. Lebsock answer - "No."

3) Question: "In May 2016 at Stoney's Bar, did you touch Faith's buttocks?"

Rep. Lebsock answer - "No."

4) Question: "Since May 2016, did Faith ask you to have Adam (Matkowsky) drop out of the state senate race?"

Rep. Lebsock answer - "Yes."

The examiner stated, "It is the examiner's professional opinion that Mr. Lebsock was being truthful on all of the above-listed questions". In other words, Steve Lebsock is stating the truth, and Faith Winter's allegations are false. The news was met with elation from Steve's supporters who knew the entire time that he was innocent and the allegations untrue.

"Three U.S. Marine Corps values are Honor, Courage & Commitment. This is the bedrock of our character. It is the quality that empowers Marines to exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior. This creed is something I have lived by and made my philosophy even after leaving the Marine Corps. The American people deserve elected leaders who tell the truth, fight for them and never give up when others try to destroy you for their own self-interests. The lesson for us all is that when you are wrongly attacked, you must stand up and fight for what's true. When people like me are wrongfully accused by powerful interests with political motivations, it is evil and diminishes the real victims of the #metoo movement who deserve justice." stated, Lebsock.

Rep. Lebsock will be traveling the state and country for media interviews so he can shed a bright light on the deep corruption in our political system and discuss how some have determined that they must win at all cost.

"The current political system values winning at all cost above doing what is right.", Lebsock stated.

State Representative Steve Lebsock scheduled a formal press conference in Denver Thursday December 14, 2017 at 1525 Sherman Street. The press conference will be in room 603, 6th floor, at 1pm.

He also will be continuing his race for Colorado State Treasurer in 2018 and talking to voters about how we must take back our political system and fight for our shared American values including honor, courage, and commitment.

"I will always fight for you, our rights, and our civil liberties. While I am here, nobody, not even the insiders and power brokers, will take that away from us.", Lebsock stated.

Denver, CO
December 14, 2017
Media Contact: Steve Lebsock