A Just Cause

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet Ignores Abuse of Colorado Church and Parishioners by Federal Judge & Prosecutor

Hundreds of Hurting Constituents Organizing to Build Large Statewide Grassroots Juggernaut to Unseat Senator Bennet


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2018 --Hundreds of Christian constituents from a local Colorado Springs church say they are fed-up with U.S. Senator Michael Bennet treating Christians and minorities like trash and are organizing together with advocacy organization A Just Cause to build a powerful grassroots juggernaut capable of unseating the Colorado Democrat.

According to parishioners of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church (CSFC), Senator Bennet told them to get lost after receiving numerous complaints and irrefutable evidence from court documents showing how Denver federal Judge Christine M. Arguello and prosecutors from the Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office repeatedly committed various acts of malicious misconduct between 2003 and 2017, including viciously slandering them, CSFC and their Pastor Rose Banks as well as illegally seizing parishioner and church banking records in a criminal case (Dist. Colo. no. 09-CR-00266-CMA) that didn't involve them. Senator Bennet was provided with a comprehensive dossier (which can be seen online at http://bit.ly/2wBaCyJ detailing the misconduct which A Just Cause says he completely disregarded in favor of covering for Arguello and prosecutors.

"Senator Bennet, through his chief of staff, told me and hundreds of others from the Christian community, including many African-Americans and Hispanics, that we were not his constituents," says Cliff Stewart of A Just Cause. "He treated us like trash," adds Stewart. "Senator Bennet became squeamish and fearful after receiving the dossier with overwhelming evidence showing Judge Arguello's egregious abuses," says Cliff Stewart of A Just Cause. According to Lamont Banks, Executive Director of AJC, a staffer speaking on behalf of Senator Bennet said: "You are asking Senator Bennet to challenge a judge here, he is in support of the process."

"Senator Bennet's talk about process is pure chicanery," says Banks. "He has the backing of former federal appeals judge H. Lee Sarokin who publicly exposed Judge Arguello's misconduct in his Huffington Post blog (www.huffingtonpost.com/judge-h-lee-sarokin/the-case-of-the-missing-t_1_b_5340397.html) and what appears to indicate an orchestrated plan by Judge Arguello to destroy a critical portion of a trial transcript that implicated her in violating defendants 5th Amendment rights," adds Banks. "Transcripts just don't disappear in the technologically-driven 21st century and the excuses given on the record by Judge Arguello and by the clerk's office about the missing transcript prove there was collusion to conceal Judge Arguello's misconduct," says Banks.

"Does the Senator actually believe that a former federal appeals judge would lie about Judge Arguello and the prosecutors mishandling of the case?" asks Banks. "It is disgraceful and cruel that Senator Bennet would allow innocent men to continue languishing in prison and leave Colorado families and their children hurting to protect Judge Arguello and prosecutors after they abused them," adds Banks.

After Senator Bennet spit in the face of his constituents and Judge Sarokin, AJC took the dossier (http://bit.ly/2wBaCyJ) to members of Congress from other states. Four members from the House of Representatives, including a former judge from the Judiciary Committee and one from House Oversight and Government Reform committee, were so disturbed by the evidence in the dossier, they sent a letter (http://bit.ly/------) in November 2017 to the DOJ requesting answers to the "serious" allegations of misconduct in the dossier. The DOJ has yet to respond to their letter.

Prior to the DOJ letter being sent, Senator Bennet was contacted again to see if he would join his colleagues and sign on the letter to the DOJ, but once again he declined to help his own constituents. "It is shameful that Coloradans had no support and were forced to seek help outside of the state," says Stewart.

The dossier concerns the IRP6 case where six Colorado Springs technology executives of IRP Solutions Corporation were, as Judge Sarokin says, indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned for failing to pay corporate debt. The six men were faithful members of the Colorado Springs Fellowship Church. One of whom (COO David Banks) was Pastor Banks' son. When the Colorado U.S. Attorney could find no crime to charge the executives, it unsuccessfully attempted to gain an indictment with a 2007 grand jury by using the church and Pastor Banks as the central target of the investigation. When the government failed to gain an indictment with the first grand jury, it manufactured a new theory to gain an indictment and violated federal law and the Constitution to convict and imprison the IRP6. In another related proceeding in 2017, Judge Arguello took to the bench to slander the church, Pastor Banks and parishioner by saying CSFC was a cult who controlled the minds of the defendants and all church members.

"The 24-page dossier presents a compelling and truthful story about prosecutorial and judicial abuses perpetrated on Colorado families, a Colorado business and a Colorado church by Obama's Justice Department," says Banks. "All of which is corroborated by documentary evidence from the court, Judge Sarokin's writings, judicial complaints and more," says Banks. " Apparently, Senator Bennet is an elitist crony who cares more about protecting the reputations of corrupt friends in the government than defending his constituents against their abuses," adds Banks.

A Just Cause's goal is to ensure that every single Coloradan is aware of how Senator Bennet abandoned these Colorado families in favor of protecting corrupt friends. The wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters as well as CSF church members will hit the roads throughout Colorado to talk to other families and will be relentless on social media. AJC will disseminate press releases to each and every TV, radio station and newspaper in Colorado and AJC Radio will be dedicating numerous broadcasts to discuss Senator Bennet's lack of humanity.

"If Senator Bennet thinks our movement to unseat him will fade away because he's not up for election until 2022, he'd better think again," says Banks. "That gives us plenty of time to build a strong, cohesive grass roots organization to defeat him," adds Banks. "The families and parishioners of CSFC will never forget that he treated them like the scum of the earth when they asked him for help against Judge Arguello's abuse," says Banks. "I ask all Coloradans who are reading this to pass it to a friend," says Banks. "A Just Cause would like to talk to other Coloradans who Senator Bennet has ignored," concludes Banks.