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Combatives Expert Benjamin Drader Celebrates Being Guest on the Capable Citizen Podcast #14 "Rethinking Personal Security"

Considering how many martial arts schools there are in America, it's surprisingly difficult to find instructors that properly address real world violence and the physical, mental and tactical skills needed to defend against it effectively. The Capable Citizen Podcast recently ran an in-dept interview with one of America's most accomplished reality combat experts and it shouldn't be missed.


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2017 --Among the truly skilled and experienced at real world self-defense it's hardly a secret that very few martial arts schools are preparing students for the realities they could very well face on the streets. Benjamin Drader, founder of District Combatives and the Combatives Personal Protection System, has stood firmly against this trend – instead delivering real and raw self-defense instruction that covers all areas of self-protection, from fighting strategies and techniques, to proper mindsets, physical fitness methods and verbal skills to deescalate potentially dangerous situations. A no-nonsense and no-fluff US Army vet, with a long resume of working directly for a "who's who" of big name political figures, including a CIA Director, who has over 15 years of high level martial arts training under his belt in a wide range of disciplines, there's hardly a person more qualified to discuss what it takes to stay safe ub today's quite dangerous real world. Recently Benjamin was happy to announce he was the guest for an eye opening interview and feature on "Rethinking Personal Security" for episode #14 of the popular The Capable Citizen Podcast, where he was able to share everything from his own personal history to his groundbreaking ideas on self-defense.

"Safety is a personal responsibility," remarked Benjamin illustrating just how important it can be for a person to be capable of defending themselves and their loved ones. "Failure to train and be prepared could make you an accessory to your next attack."

The reality self-defense expert teaches out of District Combatives, in Washington D.C. a serious and Spartan school, where real life encounters, techniques and methods that work are the order of the day. No mirrors, no televisions, no comfortable places to sit – just a pure hardcore training ground.

An intelligent and eloquent speaker, who attended Yale in addition to his military and martial pursuits, Benjamin delivers a treasure trove of actionable information on The Capable Citizen Podcast, fueled by very insightful questions from the show's host. Some highlights of what's covered by the combatives master include: his personal transition from running protection operations to training civilians; an inside look at "Proactive Predictive Adaptive Learning" a method Benjamin uses to better prepare his students at a quicker pace; balancing strength training and adopting proper nutrition to get the best results from combatives work; threat detection, deference and deescalation; Benjamin's thoughts on his years of training in various arts like Krav Maga, BJJ, military hand to hand combat methods and Tony Blauer's SPEAR system; and much, much more.

The Capable Citizen Podcast is an exciting project focused on delivering the highest quality information available related to personal safety and resilience to their listeners, in a way that's as simple and effective as possible. With quality rising all the time it's quickly become a "go to" resource in the personal safety world.

The Capable Citizen Podcast #14 featuring Benjamin Drader can be explored at http://www.capablecivilian.com/ccp-podcast-14-rethinking-personal-security.

For more information on District Combatives visit http://www.districtcombatives.com.

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