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Come Join the Exciting Bouncy Fun at the Louisville Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race

For a thrilling obstacle race that is a step above the ordinary 5k races in Louisville!


Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2016 --Calling all 5K runners, racers, and weekend warriors in the Louisville-Jeffersonville area! Get ready to enjoy the most exciting, unique running event Louisville has ever held when the first annual Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race opens at E. P. "Tom" Sawyer Park on April 16, 2016. This event is a far cry from the ordinary, run of the mill 5k races in Louisville – racers will have the time of their lives as they jump, slide, and bounce their way through twelve enormous inflatable obstacles designed to maximize fun! Participants of all fitness levels and ages will have an absolute blast bouncing their way through the course as they enjoy the most insanely fun workout of their lives. Spectators get in free, so racers should gather their family, friends, and coworkers together for an exciting day of outdoor fun that's like no other!

Unlike other Kentucky 5k runs and obstacle races that primarily cater to elite, super-fit athletes in superb shape, the Louisville Xtreme Air 5k Obstacle Race was created to bring the fun back to racing for everyone! Participants don't have to slog through mud-filled pits or crawl under barbed wire, they just get to enjoy an insanely fun time sliding, jumping, and shimmying through bouncy inflatable obstacles. Dedicated athletes who run through the course at their top speed will find these inflatable objects deliver a surprisingly stiff workout regimen that's the equal of many of the 5k races known to test endurance, while younger competitors and those with a more casual approach will get to laugh and bounce their way to a fabulously fun finish.

The inflatable obstacles in the Louisville Xtreme Air 5k race combine the best features of bouncy houses with the excitement of the live action sets of the television shows like American Ninja Warrior or Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple. As participants scramble their way through the giant inflatable maze in Get Lost, dodge the giant swinging balls of the Gauntlet, and climb the three-story high Cliffhanger, they'll realize they've never imagined a workout could be this fun!

Each of the custom designed inflatable obstacles in the race is designed to offer a safe, fun workout for participants of all ages and fitness levels. They are fabricated with top of the line materials and securely fastened to the ground with high strength steel alloy stakes and heavy retention straps. Obstacles over a certain height are equipped with fine mesh netting so participants can have a great time pushing themselves to the limit without any worrying about safety concerns.

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The Louisville Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race course will be laid out over dozens of acres in beautiful E. P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park, conveniently located at 3000 Freys Hill Rd. in Louisville, KY. Experienced racers will be familiar with the venue, as the park hosts the annual Irish Classic 10K every March as well as the annual Labor Day Derby City Nationals, which attracts world-class racers to compete from all over the world. The Park has a host of outdoor activities to enjoy after the race, with a radio controlled airplane field, baseball fields, a swimming pool, and miles of wildlife trails. There's even a public archery range waiting for a budding Katniss or Robin Hood!

Registering for the Louisville Xtreme Air 5K Inflatable Obstacle Race is easy and convenient, thanks to the online registration process. Popular waves sell out quickly, and the price goes up closer to Race Day, so racers are encouraged to sign up early. Online registration will close at midnight April 15, 1016, the Friday before race weekend, but walk-ins are of course welcome on the day of the race for any waves that are not sold out. If racers find their favorite wave is sold out, there's no need to worry; they can still join in the fun through an All Access Passes that allows racers to join in any and all waves, even those that are sold out.

Racers can pick up their packets the day before the race on Friday, April 15, 2016. Parking opens at E.P. "Tom" Sawyer Park at 7:15 on Race Day, Saturday April 16, 2016, and registration opens 15 minutes later. Participants are urged to arrive 1 hour before their wave so they have plenty of time to check in and check out the course before their race. Participants should be sure to bring their photo ID to check-in so they don't miss out on the fun. The excitement kicks off with the first wave at 8:30, for a day of fun beyond compare!

Weekend warriors, family fun enthusiasts, and anyone up for a fabulously fun workout in the Louisville-Jeffersonville area, this is your chance to experience a Kentucky 5k race like no other! Sign up to join the excitement at the first annual Louisville Xtreme Air 5k Inflatable Obstacle Race today!

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About Xtreme Air 5K
As more and more Americans grow bored of the common, conventional runs and marathons there has been a growing demand for a more engaging, entertaining style of run that gives its competitors a chance to blow off-steam and fool around. However, the majority of the obstacle course runs that have sprung up often tout themselves as being elite athletic competitions or pride themselves on being grueling feats pain and endurance. The Xtreme Air 5k breaks free from the norm of obstacle courses by prioritizing one thing above all else - that participants have FUN! The Xtreme Air 5K custom inflatable obstacle courses are designed to be suitable for people of all age ranges and levels of fitness to have a blast on!

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