Come Meet Best Selling Near-Death Authors and International Speakers

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) will host the Near Death Conference, Explore the Extraordinary, in Orlando, Florida on July 28-31, 2016. The event will focus on the worldwide impact of near-death experiences (NDEs) and other spiritually transforming events.


Durham, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/15/2016 --Come meet Best Selling Near-Death Authors and International Speakers!
Near-Death Conference: "Paths to Healing & Wholeness"
Embassy Suites Orlando, FL – Lake Buena Vista South, 407-597-4000

Book fans will be delighted to have the opportunity to meet over 20 authors of over 50 books discussing life's most extraordinary events. Orlando, Florida will be the site for a popular conference on the topic of Near Death Experiences (NDE). The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) will host this event and focus on the worldwide impact of near-death experiences (NDEs) and other spiritually transforming events. The conference will be held in Orlando, Florida, July 28-31, 2016.

Individual stories being shared include near-death experiencers such as Anita Moorjani, a New York Times best-selling author who returned to a full and highly successful life—after her doctors declared her case hopeless. She describes the final hours after suffering years of cancer—and what happened in the inner worlds to change all that. Jeff Olsen is a popular author and speaker who will share his account of making a transition after a fatal car crash and meeting his loved ones on the other side. Each of these authors promotes living life fearlessly with love and compassion for others.

Health care professionals such as Dr. Laurin Bellg, an emergency room physician, will share accounts from patients in the intensive care unit who have near-death and out-of-body experiences during sudden cardiac death or severe trauma—describing their miraculous recoveries. Maggie Callanan, a hospice care nurse will share how people dying slowly of a terminal illness often have remarkable experiences, as well as an expanded awareness—and how we can all learn from this.

Local Floridian speakers include Bill Guggenheim, author of Hello From Heaven, and Suzanne Giesemann, author of Messages of Hope. Both of these books deal with the healing and comfort obtained from after-death communications.

There will be 7 international speakers revealing the common elements of near-death events, and documenting the transformational changes that occur to people globally. Many of the international speakers are also authors who depict the spiritual awareness of people living in India, Mexico, Slovenia, Hungary and The Netherlands. IANDS members worked closely with some Dutch authors over the past year with to produce one of the newest books, The Self Does Not Die. The book required the translation of evidential material on the realities of these spiritual experiences.

The Orlando IANDS public conference provides inspiring stories and education concerning near-death and other spiritually transforming events. On the first day, Thursday, July 28th, speakers will address the health, education, research and science aspects of these extraordinary events. Two FREE presentations are available. On Thursday evening there is a free general session for those who want to learn more, and on Friday evening a free introductory session is being presented in Spanish.

The public can register for this event at: and read about the notable speakers, presenters, healing sessions, and conference details.

Explore the Extraordinary Conference Information:
- Thursday, July 28: Healthcare-Education-Research-Science (HERS) Session (all day)
- Thursday evening: General Session—free and open to the public
- Friday–Sunday, July 29–31: General Session: Presentations, workshops, healing sessions
- Hotel: Embassy Suites by Hilton, 4955 Kyngs Heath Road, Kissimmee, FL (407-597-4000)

IANDS is the informational and networking center in the field of near-death studies, the first organization in the world devoted to exploring near-death and similar experiences. Members are researchers, laypeople, academics, and caregivers; experiencers and non-experiencers; professionals and the general public; from every continent but the Antarctic.

Like IANDS itself, the Association's publications and programs are unique. The quarterly newsletter, Vital Signs, and the scholarly, peer-reviewed Journal of Near-Death Studies provide information and intelligent discussion generally not available anywhere else.

Around the US and Canada, 50 or so support groups meet regularly, with more in Europe, Australia, and Asia. For its periodic conferences in North America, IANDS pulls in top speakers, experiencers, researchers, and interested people for education, sharing, networking, and friendship.