Come to as a Special Market Maker and Enjoy 0 Transaction Fee


Zurich, Switzerland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/11/2020 --In order to provide users with better service and liquidity, (ZB) has made the following adjustments to the "Market Maker Plan" at 14:00(Hong Kong time) on May 20, 2020:

1. The requirements and rates of LV1-LV15 remain unchanged. The minimum rate can reach Maker 0, Taker 0.025% (Pay with ZB) . The transaction volume requirements and fee rate remain relatively low in the whole network.

2. Lv16-lv20 users are upgraded to special market makers, who enjoy lower transaction fees and more exclusive services for large clients. At the same time, the platform will carry out more detailed assessment requirements for special market makers.

The user only needs to hold more than 100ZB in the account for the fee rate charged by ZB.The market maker rate is highly competitive among exchanges.In addition to the great benefit of the transaction fee, special market makers also enjoy low-interest borrowing authority and other major customer services, including the service of dedicated account manager and adjustment of the withdrawal limit, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with The platform will continue to offer preferential leverage lending rates, mortgage rates and other special benefits for special market makers.

Now special market maker program are widely recruited. For more details, please contact the official email: or our business staff: Jane945(telegram)? is the world's leading digital asset trading platform.Since its establishment in 2013, it has provided digital asset trading services to more than 10 million users around the world, with a stable operation history of more than 7 years and an average daily transaction of more than 3 billion US dollars. At present, a total of 98 currencies and 197 trading pairs have been launched, with BTC, ZB, EOS, XRP and other mainstream currencies ranking the top in terms of trading volume in the world for a long time. There are four trading zones: QC, USDT, BTC and ZB, providing one-stop services of spot trading, OTC trading, margin trading, financing and other digital assets.