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COMINT Consulting Signs with UK COMINT-SIGINT Specialist Marlborough Communications


Bozeman, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2013 --COMINT Consulting, a leader in communications and signal intelligence (COMINT/SIGINT) solutions, announced this week that Marlborough Communications Limited of Surrey, England, will be representing COMINT Consulting’s ancillary signals analysis, custom decoder development services and their elite decoder, the Krypto500.

The Krypto500 software collection, analysis and decoding suite will be added to Marlborough Communication Limited’s extensive range of products and services for secure signal interception. Marlborough offers equipment and support for military and commercial communications and telecommunications for use on land, sea, air and mobile applications.

“Marlborough Communications has proven itself to be a go-the-extra-mile group in every aspect,” said the president of COMINT Consulting. “We are eager to begin working with a company whose dedication and reputation are so well respected by security and military organizations in the UK and the NATO Alliance. As a former SIGINT officer, I’m pleased at their complete commitment to both their customers who perform essential missions and to their suppliers. Our software will enhance everything they do.”

COMINT Consulting has created ELF – VLF - LF – HF – VHF - UHF – SHF and satellite solutions using hundreds of frequently updated decoders for commercial and government use, compatible with existing equipment. Their expertise also includes signal classification, collection and analysis for specific or general targets.

About COMINT Consulting
COMINT Consulting leads the COMINT/SIGINT field with more collection points, modes, linguists, spectrum analysis and surveillance targets than any other signal intelligence provider. With more than 30 years of SIGINT experience, COMINT Consulting is trusted by agencies such as NSA, NATO, CIA, the U.S. Department of Defense and many others.