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Commercial Building Renovation: Vancouver Design Firm Shares Project Insight


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2021 --When the team members at m+ Architecture | Interior Design took on The Source Bulk Foods for commercial design in Vancouver, the primary challenge was transforming an existing space to fit the identity and philosophy of the store brand. Several steps needed to be taken before designing could even begin. For more, go to https://mplusdesign.ca/news/renovation-of-commercial-buildings-in-vancouver-the-source-bulk-foods/.

The Source Bulk Foods is an Australian chain that focuses on organic food, herbs, dried fruits, cereals (all with a zero-waste philosophy). Today, the store has around 60 locations worldwide. They can be found in Australia and the UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, and, most recently, Canada, too.

The first store opened in Toronto, but its most recent location is in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver at 2699 West Broadway. Like any store, the owners needed to create a visual space that fit the brand and appealed to the people shopping there. They turned to m+ Architecture | Interior Design for commercial design in Vancouver.

Much of the building already existed, so a series of steps were necessary before any actual design could begin. In this case, this list included construction documentation, building permits, and building code review (VBBL 2019).

After that, it was engineering requirements--sprinklers, electrical, mechanical, and HVAC were necessary, as well as lighting and finishing. These considerations are often overlooked by those undertaking renovations on their own, but they are a fundamental part of commercial design, especially when it comes to licensing and inspection.

For Vancouver architect Nadi Miri, principal of m+ Architecture | Interior Design, the project presented a special challenge. It was necessary to adapt the visual and design of the brand--without altering the existing structure of the building. Therefore, finding creative solutions to fit all the furniture and equipment into the existing space was necessary. In addition, plumbing renovations were also required to fit the client's needs, and of course—their budget.

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