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Commercial Design: Re-Imagining Doctors and Dentists Spaces in a Coronavirus World

Commercial Design: Re-imagining Doctors and Dentists Spaces in a Coronavirus World


North Vancouver, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/15/2020 --Like most professionals, doctors and dentists are going out of their way to make patients feel safe during the coronavirus pandemic. As a North Vancouver-based architect and design team, the sisters behind m+ Architecture | Interior Design believe architecture and space planning have a key role to play in building up a safer post-pandemic world. For more, go to: https://mplusdesign.ca/news/heres-how-to-re-imagine-doctors-and-dentists-offices-in-a-coronavirus-world/

For commercial designer Ellie Miri, it's important to approach a space in terms of the people using it. In the case of doctors and dentists, the main people to consider are the visiting patients and clinical staff.

As people cautiously return to their everyday routines, safety is the number one concern. Imagining making a visit as a patient. Concern is probably already heightened as the visitor is unwell. The environment should be soothing. It's important to think in terms of creating an environment that reflects the holistic care the person is receiving—soft, warm colours and fabrics. Lighting is unobtrusive. Plants add life and vibrancy. Nothing is jarring.

Commercial Office Design with Safe Barriers During Covid-19

Then the person takes a seat—this is where architectural experience comes into play. As an experienced commercial architect, Nadi Miri implements functional spaces to reduce the spread of infection. For example, panels may be used to create barriers between patients. However, they need to be arranged and placed in a way that doesn't leave visitors feeling isolated or claustrophobic.

Moreover, with many schools and daycare closures, parents often have their children in tow, which mandates a need for safe, designated play areas where children can amuse themselves without disturbing the other patients.

"The healing aspect is always at the core of our design," explains Ellie. "We want people to be as relaxed and calm as possible by creating a spa-like atmosphere."

Second, the Staff Perspective

While doctors' and dentists' offices are usually designed for functionality, COVID-19 demands new measures. That's why the team at m+ Architecture | Interior Design are creating spaces and incorporating design elements that reduce exposure among staff members who are sharing space. It's important that people have the ability to be in the same room while reducing proximity.

Covid-19 Commercial Office Design with Safe Barriers for Staff Members

Rooms that are shared are often are centrally located. It's often possible to minimize exposure through simple decisions. For example, each room has two doors for separate entrances and exits. Staff can be seated back-to-back, rather than facing each other. Even a small decision, like extra-wide hallways, makes it easier to practice social distancing. Communal areas also need to be reimagined to enable safe physical distancing.

"It makes the patients feel more safe and taken care of when they come into a room where they see unknown people," Nadi says.

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In commercial design and architecture, whether it's in the medical industry or elsewhere, it's always important to consider the end-users. What meets their expectations and fits their needs?

"In our design," Ellie adds, "we strive to it make a positive experience for the patients and staff by implementing an effective workflow to boost staff performance and encourage collaboration."

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