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Commercial Mortgage Calculator App Offered by Clopton Capital

Recently Clopton Capital, a nationwide commercial mortgage lender, published and is now offering a free commercial mortgage calculator application for Andriod and Apple devices.


Rosemont, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2018 --To assist future clientele and industry professionals, Clopton Capital – A nationwide commercial mortgage lender that offers debt and equity – published and is now offering a free commercial mortgage calculator application for Andriod and Apple devices.

The application will allow users to generally to quickly analyze the financing and returns on any commercial property acquisition or refinance, including potential equity returns and debt coverage based on various loan to value levels.

The purpose of publishing the application was that there was simply nothing similar to it that existed and was available for people to use. In the past, to perform these type of operations, you would have to go back and forth between three or four different information sources and/or applications. Not to mention that the existing resources were built primarily for residential mortgages as opposed to commercial, making performing the correct analysis very difficult.

"I would be in client meetings and walking properties and not able to easily tell people or see what potential financing for any property would work or what it would look like." According to Jake Clopton, President of Clopton Capital. "We had created some simple models in excel that we would use at our desks that gave us this information we needed, but we needed something mobile and simple. Because of that, we went ahead and had the application built and based on the excel models that we currently use."

So far reception of the application has been great, and it has received high star ratings on both the Andriod and Apple app stores. Since the app is free and does not support advertising, there is not permissions that are required, and it does not collect information on the user. In order to download the app, you simply have to go to the respective app store for your device.

To download for Andriod CLICK HERE.

To download for Apple CLICK HERE.

Clopton Capital will continue to update this application based on user feedback.