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Commission Express Explains How Custom Apps Are Being Used to Boost Sales

Some real estate agents are offering custom apps to mobile users, which provide a convenient means of reaching them as well as a much-needed personal touch in the process.


Fairfax, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2016 --In recent times, more and more people have chosen to start using their phones as well as other mobile devices to research their products and services, so much so that their numbers overtook that of their desktop counterparts in 2015. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that real estate agents have focused more and more of their marketing resources on said individuals, resulting in the use of all sorts of innovative marketing tools and methods. One example is the custom app that allows real estate agents to reach mobile users by providing them with useful services related to the real estate market while also reminding said individuals of their existence, which can be surprisingly important when it comes to real estate marketing.

An excellent example of how a custom app can help is a feature that lets the user browse home listings, which provides them with a simple and straightforward way to look through their options before contacting the real estate agent to speak at length. Furthermore, most custom apps will have features for contacting the real estate agents offering them, which is convenient for their users but also important for the real estate agents because it increases the chances of them being contacted. Finally, it should be noted that custom apps can also come with other useful features, with common examples ranging from mortgage calculators to buttons meant for sharing interesting listings with their acquaintances for further discussion.

For real estate agents, the benefits from custom apps can be enormous under the right circumstances. First, by making sure that the custom apps provide genuine usefulness to their potential clients, they can increase their chances of making a sale by accumulating goodwill from said individuals. Second, by making it convenient for the users, they can increase the chances of said individuals contacting them instead of one of their competitors when the time has come to make a decision. Finally, it should be noted that custom apps are an excellent method for keeping potential clients up-to-date about real estate agents' latest doings, thus providing them with a chance to win said individuals as future clients even if their initial efforts fail to produce results.

With that said, making a successful custom app is much easier said than done, though real estate agents should be glad to know that there are all sorts of custom app designers that can be found out there. As a result, they should not hesitate to seek our technical assistance when they need it, though they should make sure to exercise the appropriate care and caution when choosing one to meet their technical needs. For keeping up with the rest of real estate marketing as well as other real estate-related fields, there are specialists such as Commission Express, which are waiting to lend a helping hand for whatever real estate agents might need.

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