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For the first time, special needs clothing for seniors is now available wholesale from Silvert's Adaptive Clothing; caregivers will soon be able to better help struggling elderly seniors dress easier


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/08/2006 --As the U.S. population begins to age and family caregivers scramble to help loved ones deal with a growing number of special needs, Silvert's Adaptive Clothing expands the availability of special needs clothing in North America. Silvert's has teamed up with Montreal manufacturer Création Confort to help improve access to helpful adaptive clothing in an effort to improve the quality of life for seniors and elderly loved ones.

"We hear so often that family members are not aware that helpful adaptive clothing even exists", said Jeff Alter, president of Silvert's Adaptive Clothing. "By making senior care clothing available wholesale, we will be able to bring these remarkably helpful clothes to more of the people who really need it."

"Previously, families have had to purchase adaptive clothing by mail order, or have had to painstakingly cut and sew regular clothing to make it suitable for their loved ones' special needs." Jeff Alter adds, "While we are happy to provide this clothing directly to family caregivers, we feel that we can do a better job of helping people find adaptive clothing for their needs. That's why we are excited to know that a wider array of businesses will now be able to provide senior care clothing directly to people in their communities. As part of this commitment to help businesses increase the awareness of adaptive clothing, we will not be carrying this new line of clothing in our own retail operations."

Jeff Alter also notes, "This is a wonderful opportunity for businesses who want to serve, or who already serve, seniors in their community."

Adaptive clothing is specially designed to make dressing easier for elderly people and seniors with special needs. Additionally, this clothing allows a caregiver to dress a senior without struggling with arm or leg stiffness.

Adaptive clothing offers the following special features:

-Dressing without having to raise the arms of seniors who are unable to stretch
-This clothing allows a caregiver to dress a senior with as little pain as possible
-Adapted pants can be slipped on from a seated position, making it a great help to those who use a wheelchair
-There are attractive hospital gowns that provide dignity and privacy to the wearer
-Adaptive clothing can also help reduce the level of frustration that nursing staff feel when caring for patients in nursing homes

For more information about wholesale adaptive clothing, please visit or call 1-800-387-7088

Jeff Alter, President
Silvert's Adaptive Clothing
(905) 738-4545

About Silvert's
Founded in 1930, Silvert's is perhaps the most recognized brand of Adaptive Clothing online. A leader in the industry, provides senior care clothing to families and directly to assisted living facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Silvert's is committed to improving the lives of elderly people and seniors with special needs through providing quality senior care clothing. Silvert's regular line of adaptive clothing can be found on, Yahoo! Shopping, and their own website at

About Création Confort
Based in Montreal, Canada, Création Confort has been pursuing its' mission to facilitate the lives of people with reduced autonomy as well as their caregivers by developing, manufacturing and marketing clothing that is designed specifically to meet their needs.