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Companies Leave Nothing to Chance to Help Generate Sales

Companies looking to increase their sales to new and existing customers are hiring the services of sales consulting firms to build more efficient and effective sales organizations, applying best practices to capitalize on previously unrecognized opportunities to generate revenue.


Rockville, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/07/2015 --As companies and sales teams look to operate leanly in a competitive selling environment, sales managers are increasingly turning to the science of selling to boost sales numbers and reach target goals. This reality underscores the rise in popularity of sales consulting firms that aim at honing the abilities of sales managers to better motivate and guide their teams with proven, scientific sales techniques.

Sales consulting firms help struggling companies identify missed sales opportunities and create targeted coaching programs aimed at developing sales talent and winning new business. Rather than hiring new associates and expecting them to sink or swim, businesses are now recognizing the need to put the onus on the sales manager for talent development and ensuring achievement of sales objectives.

"The most common type of work that we do is a sales leadership coaching engagement in which we conduct regular, biweekly coaching sessions with members of the sales management team. In parallel with those regular coaching sessions, we provide ad hoc advice and support on an unlimited basis to everyone from the head of sales down to front-line sales managers," says Matt McDarby, President of United Sales Resources, a Maryland-based sales consulting firm.

Modern sales techniques are built on a foundation of customer-focused sales processes and effective methodology. Sales leaders serve as the key enablers and coaches who ensure the application of effective sales process and methods. Sales training solutions of the past focused almost exclusively on building the skills of individual salespeople and largely left sales management skills undeveloped. Sales consulting firms such as United Sales Resources focus on teaching sales managers how to be more effective, focused, and successful leaders.

"No company is too big or too small to take a more disciplined and effective approach to running the sales organization," said McDarby. "We've worked with sales leadership teams from small and middle-market companies whose names you may not recognize, and we've worked with very large companies like McGraw-Hill Financial and Weston Foods. The connection between all of the companies we've helped is that they recognize the need to fully develop and support the sales management layer of their business. Sales management is the pivotal role in any business, and we help our clients to build highly effective sales management teams."

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