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Companies Order Long-Sleeve Custom T-Shirts from All Star Sports to Prepare for Cooler Weather


Woodbridge, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/15/2015 --As fall sets in, people are changing out their summer outfits for ones that are more suitable for the cooler temperatures ahead. Businesses that provide custom T-shirts with a company logo for their employees to wear need to be sensitive to these seasonal changes. Many companies in Virginia are preparing for the cooler weather ahead by offering their employees long-sleeve custom T-shirts from All Star Sports.

Many businesses give employees free apparel that features a company logo, and doing so provides two benefits. It makes it easy for customers to identify employees, and it helps promote the company.

Custom T-shirts are popular among businesses, because they're inexpensive, comfortable, and easy to screen print. Almost any logo can be printed on a custom T shirt, and T-shirts are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

During the cooler months of fall, though, custom T-shirts aren't as warm as many employees would like. Therefore, many businesses that give employees free custom T-shirts are ordering long-sleeve ones for employees. A representative from All Star Sports explains the advantages that long-sleeve custom T-shirts offer, "Long-sleeve T-shirts are just as comfortable as standard T-shirts, and they're just as versatile. Anything we can print on a standard T shirt can also be screen printed on a long-sleeve T shirt."

Business owners that have already invested in long-sleeve custom T-shirts praise their affordability, and employees that receive them are pleased with the comfortable feel and added warmth that they provide. As temperatures continue to drop, long-sleeve custom T-shirts will only become more popular.

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