Allied Board Purveyors, LLC

Company Offers $50,000 Reward to Solve Scary Mystery of Bob's Board Spirit Board

A Chance To Solve or Debunk a Decades Old Crime Spree


Texarkana, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2018 --The distributors of 'Bob's Board,' the legendary spirit board created by a suspected serial murderer, announced today that they are offering $50,000 dollars to anyone who can solve the mysterious series of codes, cyphers, and symbols that populate the board. Allied Board Purveyors of Texarkana, Texas, recently licensed the rights to the spirit board. The company suspects that deciphering these apparent codes, will crack the crimes of the board creator, and end the decades old debate as to whether 'Bob' was an actual serial killer, as he alleged to friends and family, or just a nut who liked spirit boards.

JJ Balsalm, a spokesperson for Allied Board Purveyors, announced the $50,000 offer on the company website today, "For years there's been speculation about the meaning of the arcane symbols on the board," said Balsalm. "Bob's great nephew, who goes by the name "EB," and who owns the rights to the board, was told by a family member that the symbols and codes spell out the nature and locations of his great uncle's crimes."

"Bob" is the name of a former graphic designer, who committed suicide in Ocean City, Nj in the 1970's. "Bob" confessed to his family that he was a serial murderer, who traveled the country in a station wagon in the 1950's and 60's committing murders at lover's lanes in rural America. He was never captured, he said, because he checked himself into various mental institutions until his trail turned cold. Then, in the early 1970's, a near fatal brain injury sustained in a car accident, resulted in Bob developing a conscience. He created his spirit board to communicate with his many victims to apologize to them.

"Bob's Board is a classic example of scary American mythology and the Cadillac of spirit boards!" said company spokesperson Balsalm. "And it's reached an almost mythic status among people who own the board, which has been distributed through various channels since the early 1980's." According to Balsalm, Hollywood celebrities as home spun as Mary Tyler Moore owned a Bob's Board. "The mission of Bob was to ask forgiveness for his crimes," said Balsalm. "So that's the bright side to this, so to speak. If we can solve the mystery of the board via the $50,000 dollar offering, and bring closure to these alleged crimes, that would be a wonderful thing."

Balsalm added that a major Hollywood production company is negotiating to buy the film rights to Bob's Board. Bob's Board can be purchased at various speciality stores about the country and Canada, as well at