Company Offers Expert-Driven Guidance on Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction with New White Paper

Commonwealth Computer Recycling urges businesses owners and executives to ask themselves five key questions related to their computer recycling efforts


Greensburg, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2014 --Commonwealth Computer Recycling, a company that provides dependable electronics collection and recycling to businesses and organizations across the greater Pittsburgh area, has released a new white paper titled “Is Your Company’s Data Disposal and Electronics Recycling Program Putting You and Your Customers at Risk?”

The white paper, available now for free on the company’s website, addresses a number of key concerns for businesses and organizations related to proper electronics recycling and data destruction. In particular, it encourages business owners and executives to ensure that their recycling providers are appropriately certified, maintain secure facilities and use the right methods for disposing of items.

“Too often, companies fail to properly dispose of their old and outdated computers and electronics, even when they work with supposedly reputable recycling services,” said Serdar Bankaci, president and founder of Commonwealth Computer Recycling. “The fact remains that many recycling providers out there don’t even know the places where sensitive data may exist, and so businesses must be extra diligent about making sure they work with a company that leverages the correct techniques to remain protected at all times.”

As part of the guidance offered by Commonwealth Computer Recycling, the white paper outlines five key questions businesses executives should ask themselves about their current electronics recycling efforts. This involves making sure their current providers are legitimate, knowing the best methods available for data destruction, understanding the wide range of items that may contain data and being aware of what back-end staff are doing with old and unused computers. Businesses should also check that their computer recycling provider is properly insured.

“Now more than ever, it’s absolutely critical for organizations to have the best possible protection when it comes to their data and sensitive information,” said Bankaci. “Our goal with this white paper is to give businesses the insights they need to make sound decisions regarding their computer recycling and data destruction now and in the future.”

About Commonwealth Computer Recycling
Commonwealth Computer Recycling, based in Greensburg, offers recycling and disposal of a wide range of electronic devices, including laptops, monitors, cell phones, copiers, printers and other items. The company also provides secure data destruction services for hard drives and electronic storage devices to businesses across western Pennsylvania.

“Is Your Company’s Data Disposal and Electronics Recycling Program Putting You and Your Customers at Risk?” is now available for download for no cost at