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Compass Introduces Homestays with Noble Families of Rajasthan


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2015 --Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas, is famous for its opulent palaces, glorious castles and its massive forts. Over a period of time in History, some of the Princely order got stratified. Within the British rule of India, many Princely families were also considered as Noble families. These families held estates, but without sovereign rights. They enjoyed special privileges. These Noble families held court to administer justice, collected taxes owned agricultural land and estates. With the vagaries of time, some of these sanctions eroded away. Independent India cancelled Privy Purses and thus Royal and Noble families lost their political significance. Governments cannot change the colour of blood that runs through veins. Nor can it take away the erstwhile glory and the acquired heritage.

Most palaces got converted to luxury hotels. Most Noble families wandered outside the state to look for ways to sustain themselves. Some decided to join the armed forces, some decided to stay back in their ancestral homes.

Tourism opened its arms in India and Rajasthan became its poster boy. Most palaces, small and big turned into Luxury hotels run by renowned hospitality chains.

Away from this splendor, Compass tied up with a few of the Noble families, to give its guests an opportunity to delve into their lives, their homes. The idea was to give a glimpse of the past to its guests. Compass offers dinners hosted by these families in their homes. An evening well spent with the hosts, discussing events of the past, some untold story, a few gallant sacrifices, and perhaps a subdued romance. The family would shy away to talk about this in public, but within the ensconced walls of their private dining room, they seem much at ease and are often proud to share their history with you.

One such evening can spent at the Barwara Kothi will be a worthwhile experience. Barwara Kothi (bungalow) was Jaipur house of the Barwara Royal Family. Raja Man Singh of Barwara, a World War II veteran and an accomplished polo player who was a close confidante and cousin of the late Maharaja of Jaipur, Maharajah Sawai Man Singh, constructed the bungalow.

The bungalow is now under the care of a family who has a resplendent family history with Barwara being one of the five main principalities of the Jaipur state. The lady of the house who looks after this beautiful property and whose grandfather in law Rao Bahadur Raja Man Singh were related to Maharajah Sawai Man Singh of Jaipur. They were close to each other and hunted, partied and served together in the World War II.

Compass India Pvt.Ltd, a pioneer in crafting experiential travel memories has a special bond with Rajasthan. One of its key persons, Devi Pratap Singh, is a resident of Rajasthan. He has played a vital role in Compass's understanding of the Rajasthani sensibilities. Compass has revised its luxury Rajasthan tour package to include these special experiences with the Noble families. A meal, with such a family often renders the guests enthralled.

The dinner offers an authentic, mouthwatering Thali, served in the family silver along with the cutlery embossed with the family emblem, along with a wine, beer or fresh juice. As no meal is complete without dessert, sumptuous desserts are served to complete the meal. The food served follows the traditional recipe. It is a toned down version, keeping the guest's sensitive palette in mind, without altering the inherent taste and flavor of the dish.

Compass offers another option to experience this privilege with another family at the Castle Kanota. Castle Kanota provides a good example of history amalgamating with modern times. Spread over 8 acres of land, Castle Kanota, is a magnificent experience. Built in 1872, the Castle has a built-in Museum and a Library, which displays gold work and unique collection of rare and interesting books. The Castle takes you back to the grandeur of the past. The Royal and Nobel families have forever taken a lot of interest in cooking. Since they often went hunting, their cooks, who travelled with the hunting party, showed great innovation in preparing meals on the pot. These were then modified and refined for use in homes. Rajput royalty, generals and landlords generally had Muslim cooks, so a majority of the recipes that were revived have a distinct Mughlai flavor.

Thakur Zorawar Singh, the founder of the Kanota Thikana, belonged to the Champawat family of Pilwa, an estate of Jodhpur. He came to Jaipur in the year 1869 and joined the Jaipur administrative service. Due to his outstanding abilities as an administrator and sportsman, he became a confidant of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur. By the end of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh's reign, he had established himself as a prominent noble in Jaipur state and played an important role in the succession of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh to the throne of Jaipur. He served the Jaipur royal family for 46 years.

A dinner with the Kanota family is a rare treat.

In its endeavour to give an indelible exposure of Indian warmth and hospitality to its guests, Compass strives to include memorable encounters within the boundaries of its luxury tour packages in India.

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