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Competition Is Growing for Online E-Cig Businesses

Increased competition in the electronic cigarette industry should be welcomed, according to the owner of the popular online electronic cigarette store "Vapor Phoenix".


Rochester, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/24/2013 --By now you have seen someone smoking an electronic cigarette and they have probably corrected you by saying they are not smoking. Electronic cigarette smoking is called vaping and users of these ecigs want to make sure that we recognize the difference. Matter of fact, most ecigs don’t look like a cigarette at all, they are larger and look a bit like magic wands.

Hundreds of thousands of smokers are making the switch to vaping and big tobacco companies are feeling the strain. These former smokers are switching to purchasing e-cigarettes from small businesses. This has opened up a new and rapidly growing industry.

Vapor Phoenix, LLC started their website in May 2012. The owners, Vanessa and Adam Gifaldi, had quit smoking and switched to vaping at the beginning of that year. At that time few people knew about electronic cigarettes, but Vanessa and Adam knew that they were going to be big.

The company started with only a handful of products and within a year their inventory grew a great deal. They are now in competition with hundreds of online electronic cigarette stores as well as brick and mortar store fronts.

Adam says that they are lucky to have started the business when they did, because the competition is growing every day. “I love to see new brick-and-mortar stores open up. They place electronic cigarettes in the public eye and have helped smokers switch to vaping. It actually helps us.”

Vanessa believes the key to Vapor Phoenix’s growth has been their customer service. “We spend a lot of time on the phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else we get a question. Since we are not face-to-face with our customers we have to make up for that by being readily available to them.”

It appears that vaping is not just a fad and is here to stay. Big Tobacco has even gotten in on the game and many companies have released their own line of cigarette style electronic cigarettes.

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Vapor Phoenix LLC, (, based in Rochester, NY, is a leading retailer of electronic cigarette and vaping devices online. Our products include eGo battery kits, advanced kits such as the Vamo and K200, Boge cartomizers and tanks, Smoktech products, Vivi Nova tanks, and RBAs.