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Complete Fitness Design Now Offering Free Consultations


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 --One of Austin's most popular fitness centers is offering a 100% free session to brand-new clients with a personal trainer to get you into the best shape of your life, helping you lose a tremendous amount of fat or build pounds and pounds of lean muscle mass – all with the step-by-step assistance of one of the best and most experienced personal trainers around!

Founder of Complete Fitness Design (one of the Austin, TX premier fitness centers that was first established over 18 years ago), Andy has quickly established himself as one of the most important and influential fitness leaders in our area – as well as on the national scene.

With a dedicated background in physical therapy and specific focuses in weight loss, muscle mass gain, and post injury rehabilitation (as well as a tremendous amount of experience in nutrition, sports specific training, and even corrective flexibility), there is a real reason why Andy is so sought after for all things fitness based.

There are a tremendous amount of personal trainers in the local area, but none of them – NONE of them – have the same kind of reputation and track record for success that Andy has been able to develop.

Professional personal trainer services provided by Complete Fitness Design Guaranteeing you the very best results you’ve ever seen – and making a promise to work with you step-by-step, hand in hand, to create the body and overall health and well-being of your dreams – your entire weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness journey is going to be in the best possible hands when you decide to move forward with Andy.

Starting off with a quick consultation to figure out exactly where you want to go as far as results are concerned, what you’ll need to overcome to enjoy those results, and the creation of a tailored workout and nutrition plan to give you the foundation you need moving forward, Andy will continue to work with you on a regular and routine basis to push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed, motivate you when you feel like you just have nothing left in the tank, and to support you when you are reaching the “finish line”!

Each and every single workout that you move through is going to be custom tailored to your body type, your biochemistry, and the specific results you want to achieve – with absolutely no wasted movements, no wasted time, and no wasted energy whatsoever.

Don’t be surprised if you absolutely, positively hate the first few workouts – blowing through old plateaus and literally rebuilding your body can be a little bit of a struggle in the first early stages – but at the same time, don’t be surprised if you have fallen in love with pushing your body to the brink and then reeling it back just in time with the help of Andy by your side!

Special time limited offer – 100% free session to brand-new clients

Hoping to expose more people in the area to their own potential, and committing to working with everyone and anyone that is truly dedicated to overhauling their body, immediately improving their fitness and overall health, and generally leading a happy, fit, and energetic lifestyle (no matter what kind of complications or issues that they are struggling with), Andy has created a new promotion.

For a very limited time only, and on a first-come, first-served basis, you will be able to enjoy a 100% free session with Andy. Not only will you receive that initial consultation that was spoken about above, but you’ll also get hands-on information, insider secrets, and a whole run of tips and tricks that you can use moving forward – even if you do not decide to follow-up with a personal trainer program.

Andy Bruchey