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Comprehensive Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Reporting Service Now Available

Conflict Minerals due diligence reporting software service for Dodd-Frank Section 1502 compliance protects brand reputation and reduces enterprise conflict minerals risk.


Woburn, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/07/2013 --Green Status Pro, the leader in Conflict Minerals Reporting, released its ClearTrack™ software service today. ClearTrack for Conflict Minerals automates the SEC-mandated annual review of a company’s conflict minerals due diligence procedures. ClearTrack is the only cloud-based application specifically designed to simplify SEC Conflict Minerals Rule due diligence reporting responsibilities.

Every corporation that is covered by Dodd-Frank Section 1502 must annually document the effectiveness of its OECD-based Conflict Minerals Program and publicly post the findings on its Web site. The litmus test of an effective conflict minerals program is its ability to pass an independent audit. ClearTrack is the only cloud-based application that comprehensively supports a corporation’s documentation of its conflict minerals due diligence procedures in preparation for an audit.

ClearTrack uniquely supports compliance officers in meeting their Conflict Minerals Due Diligence Reporting responsibilities. At its core is a knowledge base with step-step instructions that can be customized to meet compliance officers’ specific requirements. These instructions are based upon the Conflict Free Smelter Initiative reasonableness recommendations, SEC final rule and OECD Guidance. Conformance is cost-effectively documented using a digital Due Diligence Procedure Worksheet that is safely stored in the cloud. Comprehensive, auditable interim and final reports are generated immediately with a few clicks of the mouse.

“Every organization that is required to prepare a reasonable country of origin inquiry (RCOI) report for its customers and the SEC should use ClearTrack. ClearTrack is for due diligence what the EICC-GeSI Conflict Minerals Reports is for RCOI,” pointed out Rob Kasameyer, Green Status Pro’s president. “A Conflict Minerals Report must describe the effectiveness of the comprehensive measures ClearTrack documents.”

ClearTrack and Ingestor™, which automates the acceptance and management of supplier EICC-GeSI Conflict Minerals Reports, combined are the most complete conflict minerals reporting services available for meeting the operational needs of compliance managers. They are fast to implement, intuitive to use, and secure. Customers own their data and can easily download it from the cloud. The benefit is mitigating the enterprise risk created by Dodd-Frank Section 1502.

Green Status Pro delivers the leading OECD Guidance Due Diligence Reporting software service for manufacturers who must comply with the SEC’s Conflict Minerals Rule. It is an invaluable solution for corporations that must file Form SD with the SEC and their off-shore and private suppliers who must provide transparency into the supply chain.

About Green Status Pro
Green Status Pro’s mission is to simplify the regulatory lives of operating managers by streamlining the documentation of due diligence. Green Status Pro (GSP) delivers comprehensive Conflict Minerals, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 due diligence solutions. GSP is the only cloud-based software service in the world that provides the knowledge base to guide managers through the implementation of their firm’s OECD Conflict Minerals Due Diligence program. GSP is an IBM Business Partner, hosting its applications on IBM’s SoftLayer secure global cloud infrastructure. For more information, please visit Green Status Pro.