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Computing Is Secure With PuDocs

A home is secure, when it is properly closed, locked and the keys are kept in the pocket. Documents are secure when they are securely stored and the keys are in safe custody. PuDocs provides a new solution to secure documents. It allows one to make their own key, encrypt and lock their documents and carry the keys securely in their pockets.


Chennai, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/17/2011 -- In an age when every bit of information has value, the necessity for a product that would guarantee security is necessary for continued reliance on technology. Expensive and complicated systems would make it difficult for the normal user or a small business operator to subscribe and use it. Security has become such a big concern that it has affected the confidence of people to a great extent. IDC reports that 75% of its respondents stated the same. Such a situation surely warrants a tool that would address the problem. The problem being security and not technology.

Owtsar Technologies, an India based software development company offers PuDocs ( www.icubeoffice.com/pudocs.html ) as a solution to the problem. "To rely on a new solution would be purely assumptive. We would rather users would use and determine it for themselves", said Mr. Beracah John Martyn, the Marketing Director. "For this purpose we have offered a simple procedure to request a copy of the tool, which would enable users to encrypt and secure 100 documents to store or share with another user, with our compliments," he added.

All file types of all sizes can be encrypted with PuDocs according to the company. Even folders with multiple files of all types and sizes can be encrypted and stored as a single file. The encrypted files can be shared with others who belong to the same group and have their own keys. For the Data Thief or the hacker it is a totally unbreakable target.

Computing and the internet are vital tools for businesses and individuals alike. Nothing can be done without them. And Security of the information stored and exchanged have become a matter of prime concern, with hackers, thieves and leaking staff and colleagues lurking around. Without compromising on the security, a tool is required to help us continue reaping the benefits technology provides. A tool such as PuDocs could be considered an option to stop using technology.

If security is a concern, one may visit " http://www.icubeoffice.com/pudocs.html " and try it out. If it works, then computing and internet should no longer be a concern to all.