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Dr. Verma's Natural Gender Specific Conception Process for Family Balancing


Livonia, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2017 --Dr. Kuldeep Verma, President, Urobiologics LLC is the first to discover a new natural phenomenon in women which everyone must know. It has been discovered that women have alternating boy-girl-boy-girl conducive menstrual cycles. To get a boy, conceive in a boy cycle. To get a girl, do in a girl one. Now one can plan a small balanced family by conceiving a boy or girl on-demand.

It's proven beyond doubt that women have two kinds of menstrual cycles which are gender specific and this gender specificity alternates. One cycle is good for conceiving a boy and the immediate next one is for girl. Amazingly, all women alternate. Therefore, one can conceive the baby of their desire gender naturally with much higher confidence than just keep trying. With 92% success rate observed, one is led to believe that once the sperms are deposited, the uterus may be selecting X & Y sperms for conception depending upon the type of cycle she is in. Since no nutraceuticals, medicines, diets, douches or other gimmicks are involved, this is the world's first totally natural and successful way for gender selection. The scientific explanations and methods are protected by patent numbers 8,759,109 & 9,057,720 and copyright registrations.

The phenomenon can be better understood by going through the three graphs shown at http://www.urobiologics.com/our_hypothesis.html.

With this discovery, Dr. Verma has become the founder of Gender Specific Natural Conception, and of an effective natural gender selection program. His simple notion since 1982 that nature does not play one sided and that just like there are two kinds of sperms, women must also have two kinds of something, has taken shape.


Dr. Verma used a new scientific approach to plan for getting the baby of one's dream before pregnancy as well as to evaluate the gender of the baby immediately after confirmation of pregnancy. This is served through two separate tests: They are PreGender Preconception Test and FirstGender Post-conception Test. Both are totally natural, safe, simple urine-based tests. Urine samples are collected by customer at home and mailed through any courier to the lab in Livonia, Michigan, USA. After testing them, the lab keeps on guiding a couple via emails in which cycle to try and in which to avoid. It is legal to ship urine samples across international borders under special classification, "Exempt Human Specimen" and the older the sample the better for these tests. The technology behind these tests is covered by two US and two European patents. "Right now PreGender Preconception program is almost assuring a couple to get the baby they want. The details on how to collect and ship are on the website. To show the power of this concept, the couples are requested to name the baby even before ordering this service. No nutraceutical, medicine, gender diet or douching chemicals, books, charts or calendars are sold or advised because there is no scientific basis to those and they don't work. Those who sell these to you, are simply scammers. Therefore, anyone luring you to buy its product or services to get you the baby you want without testing anything from you is most probably fraudulent.


The whole program is a blessing to couples with multiple babies of the same gender. if a couple has, say two daughters, they normally think the third baby would definitely be a boy and leave everything to chance or start trying various gimmicks like gender diets or douching 'to sway'. That is not going to work because in some couples the compatibility of sperms and the hormonal pattern in the uterus are favored for easy conception in a girl cycle. PreGender test is the only way to get a boy if they try in boy cycle and avoid in girl one by taking extreme precautions. The same is true for families with more boys. They get easily conceived in boy phases. This is why there are couples with 13 boys or 15 girls because they continued on their own hoping that the next baby would be of opposite gender. This has been better explained graphically at the website.


Before entering the PreGender Preconception testing program, the customer picks a proposed name of the planned baby. She can then begin collecting mid-cycle urine samples for two 'consequent cycles' as shown under PreGender test at http://www.urobiologics.com/pregender-preconception-test.html and ship to the laboratory in Livonia MI USA. After testing, they will continue guiding the couple in which cycle to conceive to get the baby they want, till she conceive, at no additional cost. If she gets a positive pregnancy test, she immediately collects urine samples for the FirstGender Post-conception test from day-1, which is the earliest gender test in the world. There's 92% chance that the gender would be as planned and the name of the baby is included in that report. If there's no conception, she must skip the next cycle and take no chances. No additional testing is needed as long as periods are regular. Normally, one sample is recommended to be tested after every six months because hormonal ratios may change by time. Conception effort is done by couples themselves. Shipping urine samples across international borders is legal (refer to the website) and the samples stay good during transport for these tests.

Placed below are two real examples to show the power of this program:

Example to show how to conceive a boy:

1st PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 9/1/14 showed a girl phase
2nd PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 10/3/14 showed a boy phase
Period start date 10/16/14, assumed that girl phase started. No test was done.
Period start date 11/12/14, assumed that boy phase started. No test was done.
Full conception plan was emailed.
FirstGender post-conception urine sample dated 12/16/14 detected a boy. WELCOME ALTON!

An example to show how to conceive a girl:

1st PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 10/26/14 showed a girl phase
2nd PreGender mid-cycle urine sample dated 11/22/14 showed a boy phase
Period start date 12/7/14, assumed that girl phase started. No test was done.
Full conception plan was emailed. Did not conceive.
Period start date 1/6/15, assumed that boy phase started. No test was done.
Period start date 2/2/15, assumed that girl phase started. No test was done.
Full conception plan was emailed.
Conceived in this cycle, missed period on 2/27/15
FirstGender post-conception urine sample collected on 3/4/15 detected a girl. WELCOME ELIZA!

There are a numerous websites cashing on the desperation of couples who seek at least one baby of opposite gender. A partial list of such companies has been shown at (http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/materna-sa/nationwide/materna-sa-babychoicecom-rightbabycom-selnascom-babygenderselectioncom-ripoff-dish-34674). None of them appear to have done any original research work of their own but show as possibly backed by some factitious names. Most of them sell unproven and failed ideas copied from internet. They operate from locations where there are no law and order and is impossible to get a refund.

PreGender Preconception test program is based on original research work done by Dr. Verma for the last 35 years. He has added a lot of new information to the women's reproductive process. For example, the basic process of conception has not been properly presented. Therefore, those who follow these old ideas to sway for getting a baby of specific gender take years to conceive. Due to tremendous success of PreGender Preconception program, it is appropriate to bring new information to light and request public to forget old dead beat ideas for their own benefit. Those who really want to balance their families must consider the following:

1) Dr. Shettle's theory that having sex 12 hour before or after ovulation to get a boy or girl (the O+/-12 concept) has failed and is an unnecessary stress and frustration because in reality, the 'whole cycle' is either for a boy or girl and conception can occur even in last week of cycle. There's no need to count hours and minutes.

2) Theories like lighter / heavier sperms, fast / slow moving sperms helping to get a boy or girl are baseless. Companies cashed on those pointless ideas because everyone was operating in dark. Since new scientific facts have been brought out, all these old practices must be rejected because it is not the weight or size of sperm affecting gender selection, it is the chemical environment in the uterus which actually controls sperm movement. According to this work, the sperms are selected by hormonal environment in the uterus. If it is boy phase that means there is slightly more male hormone (testosterone) than female hormone (estrogen) and their mutual ratio directs specific sperms to gain speed and move towards the egg because sperms have appropriate sensing mechanisms on them which are triggered by these hormones. Slight knowledge about 'sperm chemotaxis' will help.

3) There is no gender diet in the world which can sway for any boy or girl. These are all fraudulent gimmicks started by housewives running various pregnancy websites. They have been scamming couples till now because there was no scientific way available. Not anymore. It is time to fold those unethical shops.

4) Same way, there is no acidic or alkaline douche in the world which can help conceive a boy or girl. In fact, that may prevent pregnancy or deform the baby. It would be good to realize how delicate the sperm cells are and how to they respond to the chemical stimulus around them.

5) If you are fertile, avoid using any gels, creams or potions to increase chances of conception. This is especially true for ovulation inducing drugs which physicians prescribe, mainly to get their commission. They are, in reality, not much interested in patient health or future outcome. Before ANY PILL is taken, think of baby's health first.

6) Perhaps the biggest cause of frustration is the ovulation test. That test simply tells that the system is getting ready for ovulation. It does not guarantee as to when the egg would actually be 'released' from follicle. Unless the egg is released there is no chance of conception. This process of release of egg is different for each woman. Some women do release egg near ovulation test but in some cases it may be a week or 10 days later. There are cases who conceived on 20th or even 23rd day from start of cycle. This is why a stress-free conception is advised by trying every other day till next period starts. For this reason only, most of customers under this program conceive within first six months.


Currently, the company sells the 'Total Package' consisting of two PreGender Preconception Tests and one FirstGender Post-conception test for $570.00. Anyone reading this article can participate in this program at much discounted rate of only $370.00. This offer expires on January 31, 2018. All participants must agree to be included in a live chart to be placed at the website. This chart will display customer's private email address (without showing a name), gender planned for and test dates for general public to see how one gets the baby of desired gender, much like the example shown above.

To participate, customers must register by writing an email to drverma@urobiologics.com containing the following wording and information. In the subject line, please write 'GenderQuest' and in message area, please copy and paste the following paragraph and fill the required information.

("I'm volunteering to participate in super discounted program to conceive a baby of desired gender using PreGender Preconception technology simply to satisfy our curiosity. I hereby unconditionally allow you to include my test data (except my name) in the live chart at your website. I have read and agree to all the terms and conditions and disclaimers at the website http://www.urobiologics.com.")

1) My name ___________ ____________
2) I'm trying to conceive a__________ (boy or girl)
3) Proposed name of the baby ____________
4) My private email address is ___________________________.)

Now a days, customers do not receive any test kit from the company. Women may start collecting samples as shown under PreGender Preconception test section of website. Payment must be made through a bank or postal money order at the time of shipping the samples. Please enclose the money order in a Ziploc envelop and put it in the shipping envelop from the courier. (Please note that the laboratory will not accept packages with sender's shipping address from state of New York and Maryland). The report as well as future guidance as to when to try or avoid will be sent via email address provided. The lab will keep guiding for one year or till one conceives without any additional cost. New potential customers may contact the participants via email. The participants are not obligated to reply to those inquiries but would help educate millions of women against various scams, if an honest experience is communicated to them. No other gender selection company can do this because they know what they are selling and what are they up to.

For free consultation, please call Dr. Verma at 1-877 HE-OR-SHE (877-436-7743) or direct 313 574 7500. Since the concept is new, he would like to answer questions personally to avoid any confusion.

Urobiologics LLC., 31628 Glendale St., Livonia Michigan, USA
Website: http://www.urobiologics.com, Email: drverma@urobiologics.com