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Condor Publishing, Inc. Releases CORNELIUS GOES WEST, a Charlie Steel YA Western

Steel's 14,000 word exciting young adult western with eleven iconic drawings by artist Juan Pablo Vega, is available in digital and print formats.


Lincoln, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2018 --"Cornelius Kogelschitz hated his name with all the passion his mind could muster." It is the opening line of a story about a young lad whose parents die of typhus and who ends up living with his uncle and aunt and their eleven children in New York City. When Cornelius overhears his aunt berating her husband over an extra mouth to feed, the youth makes up his mind to leave. Having once seen a picture of Colorado with snow capped mountains and a rushing stream, he decides to hop a train and head west. Traveling west, the train lurches and rumbles and Corny hides from the brakeman. Struck from behind, Corny is thrown from the train and falls onto cinders badly injured. Saved by a scrappy girl riding along the tracks, Cornelius begins his Western adventure.

This is a wild and adventurous tale with many exciting twists and turns—even a youthful romance. A must-read for young adults and for all those who love adventure.

About Charlie Steel
Charlie Steel, Tale-Weaver Extraordinaire, is a novelist and internationally published author of short stories. Steel credits the catalyst for his numerous books and hundreds of short stories to be the result of being a voracious reader, along with having worked at many varied and assorted occupations. Some of his experiences include service in the Army, labor in the oil fields, in construction, in a foundry, and as a salvage diver. Early in his life he was recruited by the US Government and spent five years behind the Iron Curtain. Steel's work has been recognized and reviewed by various publications and organizations including Publisher's Weekly, Midwest Book Review, Western Fictioneers, and Western Writers of America. Steel holds five degrees including a PhD. He continues to read, research, and collect western literature. Steel lives on an isolated ranch at the base of Greenhorn Mountain, in Southern Colorado.

Advance Praise

"Kids who appreciate sagas of self-reliance, adventure, and an unusually mature attitude in a child (one who perceives his relatives' struggle and decides to alleviate their stress himself) will find Cornelius Goes West a vivid story. -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

A well told story that weaves throughout the lives of Cornelius 'Corny', his poor family in New York and his new family out west. Dynamic characters like Lucy add a young romance to the tale while the nurturing and caring Mauldin's find the son they never knew they wanted.

A definite must for the reader who loves adventure. -S.M. Wade, Avid Reader

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