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Congressman Lamborn Turns His Back on Coloradans Abused by U.S. Attorney's Office

Constituents Say Lamborn Refuses to Demand Answers About Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct Resulting in Wrongful Imprisonment of Colorado Businessmen


Denver, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2018 --According to a February 2, 2018 report by Colorado Springs' KKTV 11 News, Congressmen Doug Lamborn, in discussing FBI and DOJ abuses said that "citizens must have their constitutional rights protected" and "any agency and anyone who steps outside that boundary must answer for it, and it must not be permitted to happen again." But numerous constituents who Lamborn represents in Colorado Springs, says those statements are nothing more than empty words because Lamborn did nothing for five Colorado businessmen known as the IRP5 (previously IRP6) who are wrongly imprisoned on sentences of 7 to 11 years as a result of gross prosecutorial and judicial misconduct.

"The malicious misconduct of the Colorado U.S. Attorney's Office and federal judge Christine M. Arguello that destroyed a small business, hurt children, brought pain and suffering to numerous families and cost Colorado Springs hundreds of jobs," says Lamont Banks, Executive Director of A Just Cause. "When we provided Mr. Lamborn with documented evidence of that misconduct and asked for his help, he did absolutely nothing," adds Banks. "When we provided Mr. Lamborn with documents and a Washington Post article from a highly-respected federal appeals judge confirming that misconduct occurred, the IRP6 were indicted and imprisoned for failing to pay corporate bills and Judge Arguello had violated the IRP6's 5th Amendment rights, he did nothing," adds Banks. When AJC made Lamborn aware that a former House and Senate judiciary committee lawyer, who was also a former federal prosecutor, confirmed that the IRP6 case was a civil case, not criminal, he once again did nothing," says Banks." "When we went outside of Colorado and provided the same information to other congressmen, they took it seriously," says Banks, "and four of them took action and sent a joint letter to the DOJ requesting answers to the alleged prosecutorial and judicial abuses," adds Banks. "Before and after the letter was sent, A Just Cause contacted Mr. Lamborn again and asked him to join with the other four congressmen but he turned his back on his constituents again," says Banks. "It appears that Representative Lamborn may be trying to protect these high-level justice officials' reputations at the cost of allowing the wrongful imprisonment of these businessmen, pain and suffering of Colorado families and at the expense of jobs for Coloradans," adds Banks.

According to A Just Cause, Lamborn was provided with a comprehensive dossier of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that presents irrefutable documented evidence of these officials' misconduct. A Just Cause has published the dossier on the Internet for all Coloradans to see which includes documents from the former federal appeals judge and other experts as well as court documents and corporate emails.

A Just Cause encourages all Colorado voters, especially those in the 5th District of Colorado, to read the dossier(http://bit.ly/2wBaCyJ) for themselves and see the tragic injustice and government misconduct being ignored Lamborn. "I am not sure Coloradans can continue to trust Mr. Lamborn to represent their interests when he's not willing to hold justice officials accountable for gross misconduct that lead to the wrongful imprisonment of Coloradans.

A Just Cause also invites Coloradans and others around the country to tune into their two-hour Internet radio program (http://www.ajcradio.com) that airs every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8pm Eastern Standard Time (6pm Mountain Time in Colorado).