Light Codes by Laara

Connect with Healing Energies, Provoking Massive Shifts in Consciousness Through Multidimensional Light Codes

In this unique book The Little Book of Light Codes, by Laara, internationally recognized energy healer offers access to information and energies which provide surprising comfort and guidance for one’s life journey. Never before has Light Language been so accessible, relatable, and empowered.


Victoria, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/11/2020 --Light Codes and Light Language are a powerful energy shared by the Universe that is beyond our spoken human language. These codes transcend the limits of time and space, connect with parts of ourselves that are long forgotten, and provoke massive shifts in consciousness. The potentials of Light Codes and Light Language are limitless.

Seasoned Light Language and Light Code channelers can do their part in service to the collective, to help to bring these very special, high-frequency messages to this planet for healing and advancement. There is now an opportunity to bring energies together, and to offer guidance, support, and wisdom to anyone who is in need. Every day, more people from around the world notice a new seed of interest sparked deep within, and begin their process of discovering their unique connection to these sacred symbols of light.

In what has been called "an extraordinary gift to the world," the #1 bestselling book, The Little Book of Light Codes by Laara, has been making an impact amongst spiritualists and new agers around the globe. In this unique book, Laara offers access to information and energies which provide surprising comfort and guidance for one's life journey. Never before has Light Language been so accessible, relatable, and empowered.

In this fully channeled work, Laara has combined profound, simple wisdom along with powerful, multidimensional Light Codes to assist humanity in healing and awakening. The Little Book of Light Codes contains a series of 52 healing symbols of light, sent from the Universe to help humanity evolve and advance. Every symbol offers unique gifts, upgrades, and activations, depending upon the individual's needs. Simply by looking at a symbol, the reader can gain information the soul is seeking in order to perfect itself and reflect Divine Love.

The reader is invited to work their way through the book and open to all the potential healings and wisdom provided by the Light Codes. Simple exercises and meditations are included to assist in utilizing the symbols most effectively while stepping further into Love and Light.

"Page after page, my heart was touched in unique, yet familiar ways. I realized that certain symbols "spoke" to my heart and my 'Being" more strongly than others. I look forward to spending more time with these treasures. What a beautiful gift to share with the world." - Barbara Hudak, RN BSN MS, Glendale AZ

Light Codes by Laara offers Distance Energy Healing Sessions with a cutting-edge healing modality, as well as personalized Light Codes and Frequency Pictures. Laara is currently working on her second and third book, and developing online courses. Laara has been studying and practicing in the field of Energy Medicine for over ten years, and is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. She is also certified in Magnified Healing, Theta Healing and Therapeutic Touch. Laara is currently enrolled as a student of the Healing Light Center Church's Crucible Program, under acclaimed healers, Rosalyn L. Bruyere and Ken Weintrub.

About Laara
Laara has been seen around the world at International Yoga Festivals and at Health and Spiritual Expos, where she creates a buzz of excitement amongst attendees. She is a powerful healer who is able to connect with the spirit world in a unique way. Her kind and down to earth nature is comforting and infectious, as Laara touches the hearts of those who meet her. Laara continues to explore her own personal development and enjoys an ever-evolving balanced lifestyle.