CONNEX Is the Most Creative Self-Collapsible Universal Cable


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2016 --CONNEX, the modern and fun, self-collapsible universal cable, is now live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter campaign and has surpassed their crowdfunding campaign goal with over $30,000 raised so far.

The CONNEX™-cable, is a smart cable that improves on the design of existing cables, being shorter (which prevents tangles), but not so short as to make it difficult to use. Thanks to the Silicone's elasticity and physical strength, it can stretch and gives users a great deal of flexibility to connect devices at a distance and awkward uneven port level, and immediately returns to its original form.

"The CONNEX-cable is a revolutionary break from existing smart cables," says Eunice Hwang, founder of MAP, "It took a great deal of hard work to come up with this design and we predict our Kickstarter campaign will be a huge success. There's a real need for an accessory like this, that delivers real value and added function to owners of smart devices."

It's broadly agreed nearly every cable for smart devices leaves a great deal to be desired. Most are too long, which leads to tangles and other headaches while others are simply too short. The CONNEX™-cable boldly responds to this problem with the size of a credit card and effortlessly connects user's digital devices for transferring data and charging. This new solution will eliminate the current annoyances of tangling and bulky wire cables and those extra short length cables.

The CONNEX™-cable is the most creative universal cable providing an easy compact tangle-free solution that users can personalize. CONNEX is available in an array of fun colors and users can draw or doodle on the cable, customizing with fun designs or even their company logo.

The CONNEX-cable features an innovative flexible flat type cable created with a complex Silicon over-molding process. The special length of the cable, shorter than the normal length for smart devices, but not so short as to limit its usefulness, has been designed to specifically meet the needs of frequent travelers.

"I have been traveling a lot especially for international travel to take care of project and have meetings with suppliers. It is kind of challenging to utilize tangling long cables or extra short cables while busy traveling," says founder Eunice Hwang about the inspiration behind CONNEX, "That is the reason why I continuously was thinking smart ways of managing cable for digital tools, and thinking the ultimate solutions to eliminate all annoyance."

CONNEX is now live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Mobile Accessory Project (MAP)
Mobile Accessory Project (MAP) is a most productive and strong team and eager to develop creative electronic accessories.  The team consists of origami master Eunice, and hands on engineer David who worked for well-known tech companies like Dell, HP, LG, for several years. Together, they created the CONNEX-cable which is expected to be a welcome addition to their new start-up business.

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