ConsideredThoughtfully Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Deliver Virtual Mentoring

Solid career advice and professional mentoring delivered by a paradigm-shifting chatbot avatar. Solid advice on career development on-demand 24x7 anywhere in the world.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/01/2018 --In the modern age, digital delivery of valuable content isn't limited to what we can stream on Netflix, Hulu or YouTube. Perhaps the most valuable content any career-minded individual can stream is mentoring and coaching to take their career to the next level. To that end, ConsideredThoughtfully created a unique, affordable delivery system, which puts mentoring into the hands of [or: makes mentoring interactions available to] everyone and that is accessible anytime, anywhere. The content on offer is tailored to individual needs, priorities and interests.

Companies can make ConsideredThroughfully available as a component of a comprehensive employee benefits program or individuals can exercise personal initiative and take advantage of this incredible new career resource.

Thanks to modern technology it's easy to imagine a career-oriented coach, accessible day or night, encouraging and guiding professionals through workplace issues and situations. ConsideredThoughtfully has crafted an intelligent, computer mentor, using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, that promotes long-term career growth and fosters personal relationships [or skill development]. Their flagship product MyCareerMentor, exists today and is easily accessible via all modern forms of technology. The current working prototypes include: (1) MyCareerMentor using text and graphics to provide mentoring, and (2) a chatbot avatar interview to assess a user's readiness for automated mentoring, as well as the potential usefulness of mentoring for the user. The next two steps in development are: (a) a chatbot avatar mentor to facilitate [or which conducts] an intake session, and (b) a family of chatbot avatar mentors with different "personalities" (that is, different styles of offering information and advice).

As far as is known MyCareerMentor is the only career mentoring program in the market today that provides employees an instant response 24x7. Unlike human mentors, who are frequently overwhelmed by the demands of their own jobs on top of [or and so have trouble finding time to do] mentoring. MyCareerMentor offers personalized automated virtual mentoring. ChatBots have been all the rage in the business world recently and ConsideredThoughtfully is leveraging this industry-changing technology to help people. Going further, they have tapped into avatar artificial intelligence technologies for the initial interview interaction with the user (and plan in the future to conduct a mentoring intake session and full mentoring discussions with the user using chatbot avatars). The result is to help employees speed up their career progress and improve their career satisfaction while enhancing overall corporate results with unparalleled convenience.

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