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Construction Leads: This Big Market Shift Means Big Winners & Losers (& It's Not Sustainability)


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2019 --One might think that sustainability affected home-buyers' purchasing habits in 2019-2020. One also might think that people are prepared to pay more for sustainable + eco-friendly materials, and homes.

Maybe the big draw is 'curb appeal' – or having a home all neighbors and friends will be jealous of?

Surprisingly, another concern is dominating most home buyers' minds according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Market Brief.

Instead of focusing on curb appeal, most respondents (63%) wanted a home that uses passive solar design for both cooling and heating.

32% of respondents said they were concerned about the environment but admitted it wouldn't affect their home purchase. 36% wanted a sustainable, eco-friendly home, but weren't prepared to pay a higher cost. Only 14% were prepared to pay more – slightly less than the 18% who didn't have any environmental concerns.

Smart construction companies have focused their lead-generation efforts on home efficiency, insulation, and home performance and are experiencing a heavy uptick in leads. "We've seen some of our most resourceful construction clients – seeing a serious amount of leads from these types of services that seem to correlate with the increase in demand in the market," said Tim Brown – construction marketing expert from Hook Agency.

"Sometimes the real secret to getting more leads isn't hiring the perfect marketing agency – even though we love helping construction companies more leads through web design and SEO," Tim continued, "sometimes it's really about seeing the surge in the market, and offering services that are most in-demand – and our lead generation services just help accelerate these small business owner's growth."

Awesome companies often do offer the first step – to get more leads, which is an offer to have a home energy audit to prioritize the most cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.

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