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Quantum Units Continuing Education Announces New CEU Course Offerings

New continuing education courses have been added online by Quantum Units Continuing Education. CEUs are approved for therapists, counselors, social workers and nurses.


Los Osos, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2011 -- Quantum Units Education has been providing CEUs (continuing education) for Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Counselors and other licensed professionals since 2005. Over the years, the name Quantum Units Education has become synonymous with quality, affordable continuing education. The company gives prompt attention to customer concerns and adds new courses monthly.

A concerted effort on the part of the education team at Quantum Units Education has led to flourishing course development. Chronologically dated courses are dropped and current, relevant courses are added regularly.

Quantum Units Education solicits participant opinions on related topics they would like to see added to the curriculum and then searches for and develops courses in these topic areas.

This month’s new CEU courses include 4 continuing education offerings:

1. http://www.quantumunitsed.com/online-ceus/hiv-aids-stds/bloodborne-pathogens-hep-B.php”">Bloodborne Pathogens & Hepatitis B

2. http://www.quantumunitsed.com/online-ceus/hiv-aids-stds/HIV-HEPB-STD.php”">HIV, Hepatitis B and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

3. http://www.quantumunitsed.com/online-ceus/mental-health/mental-health-crisis.php”">Responding to Mental Health Crises (Core Elements)

4. http://www.quantumunitsed.com/online-ceus/mental-health/health-insurance-madates.php”">State Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

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Quantum Units Education announces the addition of 4 new CEU courses to their expanding curriculum. Feedback from licensees provides a wealth of possibility for new CEU course development and Quantum is dedicated to bringing its nurse, therapist, social worker and counselor professional participants what they request. This month’s new CEUs include: Bloodborne Pathogens & Hepatitis B, HIV, Hepatitis B and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Responding to Mental Health Crises (Core Elements) and State Mandated Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

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