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Contraflu Raises Funds to Run Pivotal Clinical Trial for Product to Target Drug-Resistant Influenza

Registration of Cont®aFlu in the EU will open bidding to big pharma active in the flu market for a “definite blockbuster” in the niche. It marks the first patented OTC product for the self-treatment of flu that meets all customer needs.


Central, Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/26/2017 --Contraflu, a Singapore-based company, is now raising funds to perform a clinical trial for a product that will target what is now known as drug-resistant influenza. The problem of drug-resistant infections is recognized as the number one threat to humankind that can be mitigated by science (Notation 1). Drug-resistant infections, or super-bugs, can kill 50 million people annually by 2050 leaving cancer behind (Notation 2). Thus, the company is poised to produce the only medicinal product able to regulate the innate host response to influenza. Thanks to a combination of safety, proven efficacy, and low manufacturing cost ($0.3) it is slated to become the number one product for the treatment of flu.

After the pivotal clinical trial, the big pharma company that will buy the intellectual property (IP) rights on Contraflu will considerably improve its sales in this global market niche. Its potential income is at about $10 billion in response to the 1.5 billion cases of flu annually. But even more importantly, patients will get access to an option that's not vulnerable to drug resistance should a breakout of pandemic influenza happen.

With a scientific breakthrough made in 1998 that was awarded a Nobel Prize in medicine in 2011 (Notation 3), the pharmaceutical business has still failed to take advantage of what would solve the flu issue. The award-winning discovery is summarized as the following: the outcome of any infection is mostly determined by the host response. And the most promising way to manage infections is control of the body's reactions; in particular, control the innate host response (Notation 4) which is the key determinant of the outcome in the majority of acute infections.

Since the 1950s (Notation 5) until today, non-prescription treatments for flu have proven largely ineffective (Notation 6) and can cause very dangerous side effects (Notation 7). They are still in demand because they give fast short-term relief of symptoms. The golden standard prescription drug for use against influenza has turned out to be a global fraud, according to 2014 report of leading world experts in evidence-based medicine (Notation 8).

Andrey Martyushev-Poklad (M.D., Ph.D.), Director of Contraflu PTE Ltd Cont®aFlu brand, said of the product, "We are a very small team doing the job that usually requires big pharma forces and resources 100 times more abundant. Now we are at the point when we need an investor to run the pivotal clinical trial in Belgium and France. Then we'll get Contraflu registered in the EU and sell IP rights to a large player in this market niche. Contraflu is just the kind of product that is missing in the product lines of companies active in cold and flu treatment. That's why after a successful clinical trial it should be readily embraced by the market."

The doctor projects that within three years whoever invests up to $2 million may receive as much as $10 million from IP sale deal. He states, "We are also open to an early IP sale deal with a partner who commits to commercialize Cont®aFlu after the trial and marketing approval. Such an early bird will see much more attractive sale terms."

For interested parties, the IP includes an umbrella patent, trademark, manufacturing know-how, regulatory dossier, and registered domain names. Patents are held in the USA, EU, China, Canada, and is pending in India.

Since safety is the consumers' major concern, the flu market sees up to 20% of the annual growth of sales for homeopathic products. Unfortunately, patients don't care much that these medications lack sound formal proof of efficacy.

Martyushev-Poklad states, "Contraflu is the first homeopathic product with efficacy proven first in animal studies and then in a placebo-controlled clinical trial. It is able to both provide a solution for influenza and break the wall of prejudice towards homeopathy in millions of health practitioners nurtured by pharmaceutical medicine. Contraflu is the pioneer in evidence-based homeopathy, period. That is, its efficacy and safety are proven just as it used to be proven for the mainstream pharmaceuticals. Due to manufacturing technology, Contraflu is safe and has low cost. Staying in the field of evidence-based medicine, we are breaking the world-view and psychological barrier set by big pharma. We are using what big pharma calls an 'impossible' molecular target, 'impossible' oral antibodies, and 'taboo' homeopathic technology. Thanks to these violations, Contraflu will be effective in any viral infection with systemic symptoms like fever and headache, and free of side effects."

He goes on to say, "We need to make this product available to the patients as soon as possible since no one knows when pandemic flu may strike like the Spanish Flu of 1918. And in today's global world with the rapid spread of infections and drug resistance, the death toll of flu may be much higher than the 50 million deaths from the Spanish Flu (Notation 9). We are looking for advice from mentors who could help us understand how to bring our project to realization so we can bring Contraflu to people who need it."

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About Contraflu PTE LTD
Contraflu PTE LTD is the developer of Cont®aFlu, a breakthrough patent-protected product for self-treatment of flu and influenza-like illness. This is the first and only product for viral infections that regulates innate host response and thus has no issue of drug resistance. The company has accumulated preclinical and clinical data (Notation 10) sufficient to perform the pivotal clinical trial and register Cont®aFlu in the EU.

Andrey Martyushev-Poklad, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-founder and CEO, Contraflu PTE. Ltd


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