Convergence Is the Key to Consumer Success and Business Profitability, Says New Multi-Dimensional Service and Social Platform Gongago


Piedmont, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2018 --In one fell swoop, the "One-Stop Digital Concierge" platform, Gongago, plans to majorly disrupt the social network model, the sphere of review management, business listing websites, and discount deals for consumers. Functional, dynamic, and steadily growing since 2016, the self-styled "digital directory" caters to businesses by connecting them to consumers, and consumers, by giving them a singular point of access for reputed and crowdsourced products, services and incentives to purchase, try and experience.

It's an ambitious goal, a veritable "Platform for Everything", that focuses on the major issue that most consumers and businesses have when using an often strung-together series of social network outreach, business listing presence, and online discount and deal sites. For businesses, there are simply too many to manage and, for consumers, there are just too many to access.

Gongago positions itself, through its crowdfunding campaign, as a purveyor of choice, a platform that offers consumers and businesses "exactly what they needed to operate and co-exist with optimum efficiency." And, through its sweeping functionality and visionary features, it intends to target individuals who "want to find entertainment, try new restaurants, go shopping, hire remote online service providers, or just shop online." In addition, users can "write reviews, receive exclusive discounts, sell their own products, attend exclusive events, and participate in their local community".

So far, the crowdfunding campaign has a total of eight investors backing its goal of raising between $10K to $107K through the issuance of common stock or shares. There are still 61 days in the campaign and the creator of Gongago, James Lyon, is hard at work with a plan to get even more eyes on the site, planning to use much of the funds for marketing and visibility purposes.

These increased marketing opportunities include initiatives like sponsoring spots on media outlets like iHeartRadio, direct mailers, personalized emails through ad tech, paying for event spaces, influencer marketing, press kits and more. So far, businesses have responded positively to Gongago's minimal levels of outreach, with 250 online and local businesses signing on for free listings through the website and a daily traffic count of more than 23,000 unique visitors. The minimum investment amount, per investor, is $103.95.

While sites like Yelp, YP, Groupon and TripAdvisor are still alive and well, Gongago aims to eliminate the need for social media and search engine marketing, as well as to give consumers a resource directory that is vetted, reviewed and curated. This helps consumers place trust in the platform as well so they can choose from different businesses for their needs, on-demand, while knowing they're accessing deals and services that have worked for others.

Gongago ultimately aims to give consumers the opportunity to not only save money but to also connect with others, tap into local experiences they might not have known about, leave reviews on products and services they love and, essentially, plug into a global community that is locally-driven. It's this all-in-one, multi-dimensional approach that is giving Gonago a step up in a digital world overcrowded with commercial noise. Ironically, it's all about curating and validating these options, ultimately empowering both businesses and consumers to connect with each other in a mutually beneficial relationship, rather than limiting options or simply niching down.