Convertible, Reversible Clothing from Dona Paula Gives Wearers Virtually Limitless Options


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2017 --With the growing popularity in recent years of the fast fashion movement, more and more women are purchasing clothes and then wearing them only once or twice before throwing them away or donating them. Not only is this an incredible waste of money, but it is also a waste of the materials used to make the clothing and the labor involved.

The Dona Paula brand aims to combat this wastefulness with a new line of customizable, reversible clothing. This way, a single outfit can transform into up to eight different looks. Many of the outfits in the line are composed of two detachable pieces: a top and a bottom. The pieces can be worn together in many different configurations, thanks to their reversibility, with different colors and patterns on either side. In addition, the pieces can also be worn separately with other items in the wearer's closet for even more flexibility.

Aside from giving the wearer unmatched flexibility at home, Dona Paula clothing is also great for traveling. Instead of needing to pack a variety of different outfits to last throughout an entire vacation, users can pack just one outfit and mix and match it in a variety of ways so that they can save on space in their luggage. All of the clothing in the Dona Paula line is constructed from sustainable materials made in an ethical fashion.

Once the line launches in February 2018, buyers will be able to choose the top and bottom style for their outfit, along with the pattern and color of each side of the fabric. This way, each piece will be exactly the way that the wearer likes it. However, Dona Paula is offering a unique added benefit for customers: after they have worn the outfit eight times, they have the option of selling it back to the company.

To help launch the product line, Dona Paula is conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds. The campaign will have a flexible funding goal of $30,000 CAD, and the creators will receive any money raised regardless of whether or not the campaign meets its goal. Starting at contributions of $150 or more, backers will receive the customized outfit of their choice. The brand expects to begin shipping out backer rewards in November 2017.