Converting PDF Catalogs to Interactive Shopping Experience with Ease, Flippagemaker Announces

A new PDF to flip book catalog example created by Flipbook Creator Pro has been released at http://flippagemaker.com/example/shopping/index.html.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/16/2014 --Any online seller has lots of boring PDF catalogs that are lengthy and unappealing. Instead of giving the clients these tedious and stodgy catalogs, one should give them something that accentuates the ingenuity and credibility of the products. Flippagemaker Co, Ltd is a software enterprise who specializes in providing online flipbook making tools. Their most prominent and powerful tool is called Flipbook Creator Pro. The software gives one a brand new way to turn dull catalogs into something compelling.

The FlipBook Creator Pro is a strong and effective tool crafted by Flippagemaker Co Ltd with lots of hard work and ingenuity. The software is very unique and can be used to efficiently convert PDFs into engaging flipbooks. The software has integrated multimedia functions that allow one to not only create simple flipbooks, but also add any sort of animations and sounds to make the experience even more exuberant. It gives the flipbook a realistic and three dimensional page look, making it feels like a real magazine. When the viewers click on each page, it feels like the real thing.

These flipbooks can be created as tempting shopping catalogs. The software allows the designer to make a flipbook integrated with social media sites. With the help of this orchestrating software, flipbooks can be optimized for mobile devices too. These flipbooks can be a great way to strategize and initiate marketing. The alluring multimedia templates and animations can attract more people to actually buy the products. The software is ideal for creating shopping catalogs, fashion catalogs and online inventory. It provides a much better alternative to the boring PDFs that take up too much time.

On top of everything else, Flipbook Creator Pro is very cost effective. One might think that a designing tool of this proportion might cost a lot, but Flippagemaker Co has made it very easy for its consumers to enjoy the service. The software can be subscribed to a price of $299.