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Convertio Launches Free Universal File Converter Tools

The advanced tools allow the user to convert files to any format. The tools are very user-friendly and allow anyone to convert their files no matter what computer experience they have. They have quickly become one of the most recommended online file converter tools available online.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/08/2016 --A new set of online file converter tools has been launched to help people convert their files to any format. The universal file converter tools have been launched by Convertio and are available to use for free.

Convertio launched the tools to allow people to convert their files to format that include image, document, or eBook. The converter tools have been designed to allow anyone, no matter what experience they have to convert their files with ease. The free converter tools are easy to use and allow busy people to convert their files quickly. The user selects the source files conversion format and Convertio does the rest.

The files can be converted to image files that include PDF, JPG, BMP, and even PNG. The files can also be converted to document files, which include PDF, DOC, and XLS. For people wishing to have their document converted to an eBook, the new free tools will do it with just one click. Once the file has been converted, the user can simply press the save button to receive the converted file.

A spokesman for Convertio said: "We wanted to introduce a set of free tools that would allow people to quickly and easily convert their files to any format. It was important to us to make the tool as easy to use as possible."

Convertio ( has also made other tools available. They have introduced important PDF tools ( that allow a user to merge their PDF files, compress them and even unlock a PDF file. These are important tools for people who work with PDF files either on a regular basis or for those having trouble with their files.

Another important tool that has been launched is the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool that allows the user to edit image files. This is an important tool for those who want to work with image files and make changes to them.

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About Convertio
Convertio provides important free tools to help people to edit their files. The tools have been designed to be user-friendly and provide people with a simplified way to work with files and have them converted.